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Title: 數位時代醫療保健出版社經營之探討
A Study of Management Strategies of Medical and Health Publishers
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學圖文傳播學系
Issue Date: 1-Mar-2009
Publisher: 中華印刷科技學會
Abstract: 由於醫療技術進步,人口結構漸趨高齡化,民眾生活品質也有所提升,因此也越來越多人注重養生及健康資訊。不過,在現今社會不景氣及數位化的衝擊下,資訊雖然流通迅速,卻造成讀者購買書籍意願降低,加以台灣加入世界貿易組織(WTO),市場又面臨了來自世界各國的競爭,尤其是大陸以其低廉工資及產品價格,造成台灣書市不小的衝擊。因此本研究主要探究醫療保健出版社的經營策略,在面臨市場的衝擊時,所做出的轉變與因應之道。根據研究發現,醫療保健出版社在面臨市場衝擊時,經營策略朝向1.海外版權的買賣。2.加強出版社人員專業能力。3.活用資金。4.運用數位印刷的優勢。5.付費機制的可靠性。這五個方向來因應與調適。面對強勢的網路文化、數位出版以及國際間帶來的挑戰,是近年來圖書出版業者必須思考並尋求解決之道的最大難題,建議可朝向數位化經營方式,以因應時代潮流。
Due to medical technologies advanced, popularity structure is tending towards old-aged. The living quality of people is also improving, therefore, there are more and more people eyed on keeping fit and health information. Otherwise, in nowadays of economics depression and digitalize impacts, though the information transfers rapidly, it makes readers unwilling to buy books. Additionally, Taiwan joined the World Trade Organization, the market faces impacts from all over the world, especially China with their cheap wages and products. Hence, this research is to investigate the management strategies of Medical and Health Publishers, how would they modify and adapt through market impacts. According to the research, we found that when facing market impacts, the management strategies of Medical and Health Publishers turned toward 1. Overseas copyrights trading. 2. Enhancing Publisher employees' specialities. 3. Making good use of funds. 4. Using the benefits of digital publishing. 5. The reliabilities of payment system. these five directions to modify and adapt. As a result, confronting the powerful challenges of internet culture, digital publishing and from overseas, is the significant problem that book publishers should not only to think over but to solve. We suggest that publishers can work towards digitalized managing modes to respond the trend.
ISBN: 978-957-295-435-5
ISSN: 2220-2579
Other Identifiers: ntnulib_tp_E0306_01_023
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