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Title: 數位出版商務之整合行銷傳播研究
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學圖文傳播學系
Issue Date: 1-Dec-2002
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學圖文傳播學報編審委員會
Abstract: 網路興起之後,出版業面臨網路化的革新,其中數位出版品透過軟硬體,行銷企劃及通路的整合,成為新興的商品。數位出版商務是以數位出版品為產品,涵蓋其經營到產銷的一切商業過程。本研究探討的是數位出版商務在行銷傳方面的規劃,研究結果提供圖書出版業作為發展此商務之參考。整合行銷傳播理論旨在透過綜效整合,提供消費者潛在消費者清晰一致的訊息,進而發揮最大的傳播效益,它改變了行銷理念與方式,也受到實務界的支持與重視。本研究根據整合行銷傳播理論,彙整學者提出的整合行銷傳播模式,作為研究的整體架構。 本研究使用的研究工具是問卷調查法和訪談法。研究結果發現,國內數位出版商務以電子書和內容資料庫為主,經營數位出版商務的業?以內容提供者、技術提供者、銷售平臺業者及系統業者居多。由於各自握有核心資源,因此同、異業結盟的情況非常普遍。實際經營方面仍擺脫不了虛實結合的模式。行銷策略則從早期以電子書為產品,B2C為主要行銷模式,逐漸轉變為以內容資料庫為產品,B2B為主要行銷方向。透過數位出版商務的整合行銷傳播模式,發現消費者資料庫與企業利益關係人對於行銷傳播有正面的影響,而現階段的行銷工具以網路與促銷活動居多,未來行銷組合會隨著數位出版品的載具及通路發達變得更多元化。發展障礙主要是使用習慣不普及、缺乏適合的硬體、收費機制及盜版問題等。至於未來國內數位出版商務的發展,則是從教育類和市場性強的題材切入,並且以與紙本圖書有所區隔、結合圖文的產品為發展目標。
The research tools in this project are questionnaires and interviews. The results of the research indicate that the major Taiwan publishers publish e-books and databases. Digital publishers are mainly content providers, technology providers, platform sellers, and system sellers. As different sectors have their own resources, strategic alliances between same and different businesses is rather common. Marketing strategies emerged from the early B2C – e-books oriented to market B2B – content and database products. From the digital business’ integration marketing and communication modes, the researcher discovered that and communication exerts positive impacts on consumers’ databases and enterprise. The marketing tool now is mainly the internet; however, it will become diversified as the carriers and routers get better and more convenient. The major barrier is that the use of the Internet is not common, and there is a lack of suitable hardware providers, service fees, and privacy. Concerning the development target of digital publishing, it is better through educational types, matters of high marketing values, and integration with pictures, to market a difference from paper publishing.
ISSN: 1683-5891
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