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Title: 李天祿影音資料與珍貴文物數位典藏計畫
A Digital Archiving Project on Lee Tian-Lu Videos, Pictures, and Historical Collections
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學圖文傳播學系
Issue Date: 31-Jul-2009
Abstract: 布袋戲在台灣發展過程中,李天祿可說是最重要的代表人物之一,其在傳 統民族藝術的領域中,亦具有舉足輕重的地位。李天祿先生對民族藝術的貢獻 無庸置疑,但身後所遺留下來的豐富文化資產,大多年代久遠,一般保存方法 無法避免斑駁、朽損,隨著時間而凋零。數位化是保留文化資產的重要手段之 一,因此將李天祿先生所遺留下來的珍貴影像與文物作結構性的數位化,建立 一個專屬李天祿先生的國家級數位典藏網站,並將數位化的藏品置入數位典藏 聯合目錄是刻不容緩的,這不但是為了保存一項重要的台灣文化資產記錄與文 物,更是一項文化傳承。 本計畫擬將整理清點完畢之李天錄家人與基金會保存之錄影資料、照片與 口述劇本等以往未曾面世之珍貴資料以包括色溫一致之高動態範圍影像合成之 新數位影像技術予以數位化,並將網路瀏覽級檔案免費提供非非商業使用。計 畫之產出包括數位化內容之瀏覽網站與不同等級數位檔案,並將針對數位化流 程、影像數位化技術等議題進行研究,將成果投稿國際期刊。
Master Lee Tian-lu is one of the most famous Taiwanese hand puppet player. His contribution to the Taiwanese culture is enormous. However, most of the historical images are faded away along with the pass-away of Master Lee, as well as all that instruments he used to play with. The emergence of digitized those valuable images and instruments to preserve those memories is manifest itself. This project intends to digitize more than 190 rolls of video tapes and more than 3,000 pictures which recorded Master Lee’s various activities, and more than 200 of his collection of ancient puppet which was made hundred years ago. Recent techniques for digital images such as compositing of high dynamic range image are employed to ensure the quality of the digital products. A web2.0 website will be construct to display all digitized products, and empirical studies related to digitizing processes and enhancing HDR algorithms will be done.
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