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Title: 學校本位課程評鑑與系本位課程發展的問題與因應策略
Other Titles: 一所科技大學的實踐之反省性探究
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學科技應用與人力資源發展學系;弘光科技大學
Issue Date: 1-Nov-2011
Publisher: 臺北市立教育大學
Abstract: 近年來,教育部技職司積極推動「系本位課程」的發展,研究者本身所任教學校也已實施以「系本位課程發展」為評估焦點之「學校本位課程評鑑」多年。為強化它們的效能,96 與97 學年皆參與該項評鑑的研究者,試著針對本校所實施之「學校本位課程評鑑」及各系推動「系本位課程發展」之情況進行反省性的探究,以發現潛隱於其中的問題所在,並提出因應方案。研究過程中,研究者透過評鑑前會議、評鑑後檢討會、參與者正式與非正式回饋、專家審查、課程研討會議及評鑑結果的分析統計等途徑蒐集必要資料。藉由這些資料的參考與反思,研究者對學校本位課程評鑑之指標與實施方式,以及系本位課程發展之進行提出具體改善建議。本文之探究歷程與結果,可供有志於推動學校本位課程評鑑及系本位課程發展之教育工作者參考。
In recent years, a great deal concerns is focused on the ‘Department-Based Curriculum Development’ (DBCD) in the Division of Technological and Vocational Education of the Ministry of Education; meanwhile, the ‘University-Based Curriculum Evaluation’(UBCE) aimed at the evaluation of DBCD is also implemented in the school that the researchers have been serving for several years. For the purpose of increasing the effectiveness of UBCE and DBCD, the authors taking part in those evaluation activities in the school year of 96 and 97 conducted a reflective study to find problematic items in the university’s practice of UBCE and DBCD, and tried to develop coping strategies. Pre-evaluation meetings, post-evaluation meetings, participants’ formal and informal feedbacks, expert’s examination, curriculum workshop, and the analysis of evaluation results were the main means employed by the researchers to collect necessary data in the study. According to these data, the researchers proposed concrete methods and projects for the improvement of the indicators and implementation of UBCE and the practice of DBCD. It was believed that the process of studying , the conclusions, and suggestions in this paper would be helpful for those educators interested in the implementation of UBCE and DBCD.
ISSN: 1818-2658
Other Identifiers: ntnulib_tp_E0216_01_004
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