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Title: 高科技產業執行組織精簡之措施與步驟
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學科技應用與人力資源發展學系
Issue Date: 1-Sep-2011
Publisher: 高苑工商專科學校
Abstract: 2008年底美國所爆發的金融海嘯席捲全球,幾乎沒有一個國家能夠從中倖免。更嚴重的是,不但每國家經濟受到重創,而且幾乎每一個國家中的每一個人或多或少都深受到此波風暴之影響。 台灣因受全球金融海嘯影響,間接牽連台灣以出口為導向之高科技產業,故本研究報告旨在探討 2009年期間台灣高科技產業為度過景氣低靡時期,而採取一連串組織精簡方案,對任職於高科技產業之員工產生莫大衝擊,在這注重勞資雙方互利的時代下,執行這一連串組織精簡措施中,是否存有合理的執行先後程序供企業組織在往後執行組織精簡作業時,當作合理的指導方針,達到組織與員工雙方贏局面,為本研究報告之重點,並期望能在高科技業「人力資源管理」實務上,提供勞資雙方實務經驗上參考之用。
The outbreak of the U.S. financial crisis swept around the world at the end of 2008, and no country could escaped from it. The national economy has been hit hardly, each and every country and almost every person more or less affected by this crisis. Taiwan's export-oriented high-tech industry was indirectly involved in this global financial tsunami. This study is to investigate the high-tech industry during 2009. Downsizing in the high-tech industry has a greater impact on employees compared to other industries. This report will focus on the mutual benefits between employers and employees, the implementation of streamlining measure, whether there are reasonable procedures for the implementation of streamlining measures, and whether companies will be able to use these measures in the future. Win-win situation are reasonable guidelines for both employers and employees to follow. I expect that high-tech industries "Human Resource Management" in practice could provide practical experience to both side of labor and capital.
ISSN: 2075-745X
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