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Title: 員工協助方案專業核心職能及其路徑圖內涵之探討
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學科技應用與人力資源發展學系
Issue Date: 1-Dec-2009
Publisher: 行政院勞工委員會勞工安全衛生研究所
Abstract: 行政院勞委會自1998年即在職場推動員工協助方案服務(Employee Assistance Programs,簡稱EAPs),但迄今國內不論是政府機關人事單位、相關政府政策規劃單位、事業單位之人力資源部門從業人員,以及實際從事員工協助方案的專業工作人員,對員工協助方案服務的範疇內容,尚未有清楚的全貌以及路徑圖(Road Map)可供依循。本文藉由文獻回顧的方式,探索員工協助方案專業人員(EA Professionals)應具備的職能,以及員工協助方案路徑圖(EAPs Road Map)應有的內涵。本文發現由於員工協助方案專業人員需滿足二個顧客的服務需求:一為主管、人力資源部門專業人員以及事業單位組織;另一為所有個別員工,因此其必須具備運用創意的方式處理工作組織的議題和員工個人影響工作表現的私人議題,直到該名員工有能力執行他/她的工作的職能。而員工協助方案路徑圖(EAPs Road Map)建構的目的在於,探討員工協助方案可能的服務範疇內容,供政府機關人事單位、相關政府政策規劃單位、事業單位之人力資源部門從業人員,以及實際從事員工協助方案的專業工作人員加以依循;但是由於各組織特性不同、員工特質不同,故可由員工協助專業人員(EA Professionals)依據各組織不同的需要,加以設計滿足組織各種需求的服務方案。對於國內事業單位/組織要推動員工協助方案(EAPs)時,除選擇員工協助方案(EAPs)服務模式以及規劃服務內容之外,另一件重要的事情就是「誰」能達到提供員工協助服務要求的專業服務品質?亦即不論選擇哪一種服務模式,提供員工協助方案(EAPs)服務的單位或個人均需具備員工協助方案的核心技術,才能真正提供有助於改善員工工作表現及提高組織生產力的服務。
Council of Labor Affairs promotes Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) in the workplace since 1998. Many personnel professionals of government agencies, program designers, human resource management professionals and either EA field professionals in Taiwan didn't have the whole picture about EAPs service scopes and didn't have roadmap to follow. This study is an explore research through literature review to drw out the competences of EA Professionals and the contents of Employee Assistance Programs Road Map (EAPs Road Map). The research findings are EA Professionals need to have the competences to meet both management/organizational and individual enployee's service needs .They need to provide creative service approach to handle the work-site issue and employee performance issue until the employee's performance recover. The contents of Employee Assistance Program RoadMap are depended on EA Professionals to design service programs to meet various needs of organization. As organization wants to provide EAPs to their employees no matter it chooses which service model (ex: internal or external model), the most important thing is the service provider must have EA competences (the EAP core technology). The competences will assist EA professionals to fulfill the service purposes: Enhance employees' wellbeingand improve their prodivities.
ISSN: 1024-9877
Other Identifiers: ntnulib_tp_E0208_01_012
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