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Title: 情境式理財課程影響國中生理財素養之研究
Other Titles: The Effects of Situated Financial Education on Financial Literacy among Students in a Junior High Schools in Taiwan
Authors: 曾永清
Yung-Chin Tseng
Issue Date: Jun-2012
Publisher: 師資培育與就業輔導處
Office of Teacher Education and Careers Service
Abstract: 本文是要暸解理財教育課程教學對學生理財素養產生之影響,研究設計上將研究對象分成實驗組與控制組進行,實驗組受試者接受十二節課的理財教育課程教學。兩組受試者並同時以「豆豆財素養量表」、進行前測和後測,藉此探究理財教育課程對七年級學生實施教學是否達成有效影響其理財素養。研究發現以往有金融實際經驗的學生,理財素養相對較高,兩組呈現相同現象;正確的理財態度無法由家庭理財行為或教導獲得,理財態度的建立有賴於背景變項外的其他因素;學生與父母的討論,可以提高他們的理財技能。排除前測分數,經雙因子共變數分析發現,組與父母社經地位無交叉作用。實驗組學生後測的得分顯著優於前測的得分,顯示接受理財教育教學活動的學生,能有效增進他們的理財知識、態度與行為。
This paper aims to gain an understanding of the effects of financial education on the development of financial literacy among students. The subjects were divided into the experiment group and the control group. The experiment group received 12 classes in financial education, and both groups received a pre-test and a post-test on the financialliterature measurements. The purpose is to explore whether financial education is effective in the development of financialliteracy among seventh grade students. The results showed that the students with financial experience report a stronger financial literacy, which is found in both groups. The correct financing atitude cannot be acquired via the financing behaviour of families or through teaching. The establishment of a proper financing attitude relies on factors other than the background variables. Discussion between students and their parents can improve the students' financing skills. After eliminating the pre-test scores, the results of two-way ANCOVA showed that there are no cross effects between group differences and the parental socio-economic status. The students in the experiment group showed better scores in the post-test than in the pre-test, indicating that financial education can effectively enhance theirfinancial knowledge, attitude and behaviour.
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