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Title: 從反思與實踐看國中生在科技實作活動中的學習歷程表現
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學科技應用與人力資源發展學系
Issue Date: 1-Jul-2010
Publisher: 中華民國課程與教學學會
Abstract: 科技產品的製作是一個結合思考與實踐的歷程,思考主要是要求能運用學科的知識概念及工作程序的規劃,去作實踐前的準備;而實踐則是運用周遭的材料與工具等資源,去完成科技產品的設計與製作。本研究依據Zimmerman(1998)所提出的自我調整學習理論,發展一個科技實作活動的學習模組,並分析三十位國中生在經歷此學習模組的思考與實踐學習後,其在後續的實作活動過程的表現,以探討學生的反思與其實作作品表現之關係。本研究在歷經十一週的教學實驗活動之後,歸納以下結論:(1)國中生在科技實作活動中的反思表現優於實踐表現;(2)國中生在進行科技實作活動的學習時,應優先加強有關技術操作的學習。
Making technology product is a process of combining thinking and action. Thinking is focused on utilizing academic knowledge and working process as preparation before action, while action is focused on utilizing materials and tools to design and make a technology product. This study developed a technological learning module based on the Zimmerman's (1998) self-regulated learning theory. The module was employed to 30 junior high school students for the purpose of observing and analyzing the relationship between students' reflection and action. After eleven weeks of the teaching experiment, the following conclusions were made: (1) junior high school students have better performance on reflection than on action; (2) the instruction on technological learning should focus on the practice of technical and operation skills.
ISSN: 1560-1277
Other Identifiers: ntnulib_tp_E0204_01_068
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