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Title: 臺灣省暨金馬地區高級職業學校輔導類別評鑑優等關鍵指標之研究
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學工業教育學系
Issue Date: 6-Jun-2007
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討分析92~94學年度臺灣省暨金馬地區職業學校輔導類別評鑑優等學校關鍵指標,提供職校辦學與日後規劃職校評鑑之參考,以期提升職業學校校務運作及辦學經營績效。本研究採用後設分析法,依臺灣省暨金馬地區92~94學年度校務評鑑輔導類別各校之量化成績,進行描述統計、t考驗、獨立樣本t考驗及積差相關等統計分析。本研究主要結論如下:(1)成功關鍵指標有:「學生資料之建立與應用」、「輔導媒體、刊物與資源系統」、「進路輔導」及「升學與選校選系輔導」等4項。(2)評鑑的21個細項中,優等學校無論在哪一個細項皆優於非優等學校,且皆達p<.001之顯著水準。(3)由統計分析各細項量化成績推論各評鑑細項具有其適切性設計。
This study aims at analyzing key indicators of graded excellent vocational schools of counseling evaluation and setting the basis of further vocational school evaluation as well as improving operation and performance of vocational schools. Meta-analysis is conducted with quantitative results of vocational school evaluation 2003-2005 in Taiwan, Kinmen and Matsu, using descriptive statistics, t-test, independent-t test and Pearson's correlation. Conclusions of this study are: (1) The school succeeds the key indicators is as follows: "set up and application of student's information", "mentoring media, publication and resources system", "mentor of access road", and "mentor of enter a higher school and choice school or department". (2) All of the 21 evaluated items were displayed in the excellent schools. (3) The package of evaluation items was suitable for counseling evaluation.
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