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Title: 我國專科學校技職教師其教師效能感驗證性研究
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學工業教育學系
Issue Date: 1-Jun-1999
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學工業教育學系
Abstract: 本研究皆在探討專科學校技職教師其教師效能成的組成因素層面。本研究採描述研究法,透過調查及訪問,蒐集有關專科學校技職教師其教師效能成方面的資料,研究工具是以自編的「專科學校技職教師效能感量表」壹份,其中包括有個人背景資料、一般教學效能成分量表、個人教學效能成分量表及個人專業效能成分量表等四部份。 本研究抽取全國三十五所專科學校,1,200位專科學校技職類科教師為樣本,其中回收之有效卷共計有852份,回收率為71%。蒐集所獲得的資料透過線性結構關條(LISREL VII)的驗證性因素分析(CFA),進行統計分析並輔以實地訪問。 本研究獲致主要的結論,為專科學校技職教師其教師效能成由三個層面組成,分別為一般教學效能成、個人專業效能成及個人教學效能成得到驗證,而教師效能成是反應教師教學效能與教學態度的重要指標。最後,本研究根據研究發現與結論,提出具體建議及提出後續研究之建議。
This study aims to explore the dimensions of vocational teachers' sense of efficacy in junior colleges. Descriptive methods, aided with surveys and interviews, were used in this study to collect information on vocational teachers' sense of efficacy. The research instrument used was a self-developed survey called "evaluation scale of vocational teachers' sense of efficacy in junior colleges", which consisted of four parts: personal background information, general teaching efficacy (GTE), personal professional efficacy (PPE), and personal teaching efficacy (PTE). Study samples were 1,200 vocational teachers form 35 junior colleges there were 852 valid surveys received, accounting for 71% of the total surveys distributed. The collected data was statistically analyzed with confirmatory factor analysis (CF A) of the linear structural relation software (LISREL VII). The conclusions obtained from this study is summarized as follow: 1. Vocational teachers' sense of efficacy in Taiwan's junior colleges consists of three dimensions: GTE, PPE, and PPE. 2. Teachers' sense of efficacy is an important indicator, which reflects teaching efficacy and attitude. Finally, based on the research findings and conclusions, submitted some recommendations.
ISSN: 1812-3112
Other Identifiers: ntnulib_tp_E0103_01_011
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