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Title: 我國高級職業學校學生自我概念與成就動機之典型相關研究
A Study of the Canonical Correlations between Self-Concept and Achievement-Motivation of the Vocational High School Students in R.O.C.
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學工業教育學系
Issue Date: 1-Jun-2003
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學工業教育學系
Abstract: 本研究旨在在瞭解我國高級職業學校學生的自我概念及成就動機狀況,並探討其個人背景、自我概念及成就動機三者之間的相關性。 本研究採描述研究法,首先,透過文獻探討與問卷調查等方法蒐集高職學生的自我概念及成就動機相關資料。研究工具是以自編之「高級職業學校學生內在特質問卷」,內容包括:個人背景資料、自我概念及成就動機三部份。以全國高級職業學校學生為研究對象,抽樣17所學校,發出1350份問卷,回收之有效問卷1266份,回收率94%。 本研究的主要結論有以下三點: 一、高職學生的自我概念以家庭自我為最高,依次為社會自我、生理自我、道德自我,最低為心理自我。在高職學生個人背景變項中,有性別、學校公私立別、就讀類科、就讀興趣及前途抉擇等五項是對自我概念有所影響。 二、高職學生的成就動機以「他人-追求成功動機」及「他人-避免失敗動機」並列最高;其次為「自我-追求成功動機」,最低為「自我-避免失敗動機」。在高職學生個人背景變項中,有性別、就讀類科、就讀興趣及前途抉擇等五項是對成就動機有所影響, 三、從高職學生自我概念與成就動機的典型相關分析中得知:道德自我、家庭自我和心理自我,對「自我-追求成功動機」及「他人-追求成功動機」有較顯著影響。最後,本研究根據發現與結論,分別對教育行政當局、高職教師及學生家長等三方面,提供改善高職學生自我概念與成就動機的建議;並提供後續研究的建議。
This study aims to explore the self-concept and achievement-motivation of the vocational high school students in R.O.C. and to find the correlation among personal background, self-concept and achievement-motivation. Describe research method was applied in this study. The information about self-concept and achievement-motivation of the vocational high school students was collected from literature analysis and questionnaire. Questionnaires, the inner characters about the vocational high school students, include three dimensions: personal background, self-concept and achievement-motivation. The objects of our research were 17 vocational high school, The sample consisted 1350 students. As a result, 1266 usable questionnaire were analyzed and the usable returned rate was 94%. In this study, three results were demonstrated as following: The ranks from the highest to the lowest about Self-concept in vocational high school student are family self, social self, physical self, moral-ethical self and personal self. Study also found students' background, including gender, school, major, interest and career will affect self-concept. 1. Study foundboth another-motivated to succeed and another-motivated to avoid failure are the highest score in achievement-motivation. Self-motivated to succeed is the second, self-motivated to avoid failure is the lowest score. Study also found the students' background, including gender, school, major, interest and career will influence achievement-motivation. 2. Based on canonical correlation analysis about vocation high school students' elf-concept and achievement-motivation, study found Self-motivated to succeed and Another-motivated to succeed have significant influence between total score of self-concept, Moral-ethical self, Family self and Personal self. 3. According to the results of this study, the suggestions about how to improve Vocational high school students' self-concept and achievement-motivation were provided, based on educational administration, educators in vocational high school and the students' parents. Also suggestions for future study in this field were proposed.
ISSN: 1812-3112
Other Identifiers: ntnulib_tp_E0103_01_004
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