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Title: 專家系統模式應用在高中數學補救教學之成效研究
Other Titles: A Study on the Effects of Applying Expert System into Mathematical Remedial Instruction to the Students at a Selected Senior High School in Taiwan
Authors: 梁育維
Issue Date: Dec-2010
Publisher: 師資培育與就業輔導處
Office of Teacher Education and Careers Service
Abstract: 本研究採用不等組前一後測實驗設計,受試者為高雄市某公立高級中學二年級學生共73 人,主要以「高一數學學期成績在全校PR25以下」的標準選出,共計實驗組20人由研究者進行實驗課程,實驗課程的特色在於融入專家系統與決策樹的概念,引導學生建立並利用決策樹的特性組織應用其自我數學划識資料庫;控制組A有22人由該校一名實習教師進行學校一般補救教學:控制組B有31人則不接受本研究中的任何補救教學課程。待補救教學課程結束後,便對三組學生施以後測與進行統計分析。研究結果摘述如下:1.可利用決策樹的特性進行數學捕救教學教材的編製與教學。2. 實驗組與控制組A學生之學習成效共變數分析無顯著差異3. 實驗組學生之學習成效共變數分析顯著高於控制組B。4. 控制組A與控制組B學生之學習成效共變數分析無顯著差異。5. 數學補救教學有機會能使數學低成就學生趕上同儕的數學學習水準。
This study adopted non-equal group pre- and post-test experiment design. The testers, altogether 73 students, were sophomores from a public high school in Kaohsiung City. The selection criteria picked out students whose junior math scores rated below PR25 of the whole school. 20 of them form the Experimental Group, receiving experimental course from the researchers; Control Group A consisted of 22 students, receiving regular remedial instructions from a student teacher from the same school as one of the researcher; Control Group B consisted of 31 students, receiving no remedial instructions from this study ay all.All students from these three groups were given post-test as soon as the remedial instructions came to an end, and the data were under statistical analysis. Theresults were as follows:1. The features of strategy tree could be used to carry out the writing and teaching of remedial instruction materials.2. There was no conspicuous difference on the co-variance analysis of the learning effects between Experiment Group and Control Group A.3. The value of the learning effects co-variance analysis of Experiment Group was conspicuously higher than that of Control Group B.4. There was no conspicuous difference on the co-variance analysis of the learning effects between Control Group A and Control Group B.5. Mathematical remedial instructions offered great opportunity for students of low math achievement to catch up with their peer students' regular learning level.
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