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Title: 農場經營模擬遊戲---運用農場經營模擬遊戲來提升學生的探究式學習---以技職生為例
Developing Farming Simulation Game to Promote Students' Inquiry Learning Skills--- An Example of Vocational and Technological Students
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學工業教育學系
Issue Date: 31-Jul-2012
Publisher: 行政院國家科學委員會
Abstract: 數位時代的來臨,不僅改變了我們的生活型態,同時也重新定義了學習的方式。 電腦遊戲(或是遊戲) 也可以成為學習的平台,尤其內涵教育主體與客觀事實的遊戲,更能讓學習標的在學習者取向的架構 下快樂學習。同時,在遊戲過程中,啟發推理思考技能與培養批判能力。目前坊間受歡迎的遊戲大多 缺乏教育主體意涵,風靡現今社會大眾的開心農場,亦只能讓玩家藉由遊戲得到娛樂的效果,在虛擬 真實農業活動的同時,並沒有辦法得到正確農業活動的知識,導致遊戲者只知其然而不知其所以然。 本研究針對開心農場的不足之處,發展"農場經營模擬遊戲",培養提升遊戲參與者對於產業化所需 科學、生態、理財等的外顯知識。
We are now all living under a transforming digital age. It changes our pattern of life, and also redefines the way we learn. Digital games become a platform of learning; especially those contain educational information and facts. People can happily learn in a learner-oriented environment. In the mean time, their reasoning as well as critical thinking ability will be inspired during game playing. However, popular games nowadays are most likely targeted to be fun, not producing educational benefits. Therefore, normal game contents are performing in commercial and entertaining way. If we use “Happy Farm” as an example to illustrate this situation, happy farmers do get some positive outcomes from playing, which includes emotional pleasure, roughly agricultural knowledge and so on. Explicit knowledge players can absorb while playing in fact is limit. It’s a pity that the educational content and game playfulness cannot be well balanced. Due to the shortness of Happy Farm we observed, our research is focus on educational content replenishment and explicit knowledge development. Final goal of our research is to give out science, eco-environment, and finance knowledge regarding to industrialization through this “Farming Simulation Game” and to fulfill the true meaning of inquiry-based instruction.
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