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Title: 在國民中小學實施程式設計教學之可行性研究(2/3)
A Feasability Study of Implementing Programming Instruction in Elementary and Junior High Schools (II)
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學資訊教育研究所
Issue Date: 2-Jun-2007
Abstract: 本研究試圖探討在國中、小四至八年級的電腦課中實施程式設計教學之可行性及實施上的相關議題,由94 年8月起分三年進行。目前所進行的第二年研究是以MSWLogo 及Drape 兩種程式設計軟體為學習內容,進行教材設計及教學法的探討,並於台北市及台北縣的兩所國小進行實驗。其中在台北市修德國小進行的第一個研究係以兩班六年級的學生進行文字式(MSWLogo)與圖像式(Drape)這兩種不同程式設計環境的對照研究,以探討學生的學習成效差異。研究結果顯示圖像式語言未必如多數老師所直覺認為較為適合國小學生學習。第二個研究則是在台北縣五華國小所進行。我們以六年級三個班級進行引導式合作學習、非引導式合作學習、及個別學習等三種學習方式對於學習成效影響之研究。研究結果顯示,以程式設計解題步驟詳細引導學生進行合作學習,明顯有助於提升學生的學習成效。此二研究成果已分別撰文投稿至國際研討會及期刊。為免本報告過於冗長,我們將僅以上述第一個研究成果為主要的報告內容。
This has been the second year of the three-year project which aims to investigate the feasibility of teaching programming to students ranging from 4th to 8th grades. During the past year, we conducted two experiments. The first one was carried out at Xiu De Elementary School in Taipei City. It involved two classes of six graders who learned to program in MSWLogo (a textual language) and Drape (an iconic language) respectively. This study showed that, contrary to common intuitive conception, iconic programming languages were not necessarily more suitable for elementary school students to learn. The other experiment was conducted at Wu-Hua Elementary School in Taipei County. Three classes of six graders who participated in this study were randomly assigned to the guided-collaboration group, the free-collaboration group, and the individual-learning group. It was found that the guided-collaborated group 2 significantly outperformed the other two groups, indicating that students benefited greatly from guidance which require students to follow the clearly specified problem-solving steps while they tried to solve each problem collaboratively. Findings from these two studies have been reported in several papers submitted to international conferences and journals. To conserve space, this report will focus on the findings of the first study only.
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