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Title: 類比清晰度及系統性與程式設計概念之學習
Transparency and Systematicity of Analogy in Learning Computer Programming Concepts
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學資訊教育研究所
Issue Date: 1-Sep-1998
Publisher: 科學教育學會
Abstract: 類比的清晰度與系統性是影響類比學習的兩個重要因素。清晰度是指類比物與目標物相似關係是否成一對一對應,以及相似關係的多寡。系統性是指類比類傳達整體目標概念的相似高階關係。本研究以程式設計中的巢狀迴圈為教學內容,依類比的清晰度的高低與系統性的有無設計四組教材,探討類比清晰度及系統性與程式設計概念學習的關係。研究以準實驗研究法進行,受試樣本共 176 位高一學生,受試者閱讀類比教材後,分別進行成就測驗與問卷填寫。從成就測驗與問卷的分析結果,本研究獲致以下結論:(1)類比教材的清晰度與系統性對學習成就的影響並未顯著。(2)具高清晰度之類比教材能使學生發現較多的類比關係。(3)具系統性的類比教材較易使學生發現類比的高階相似關係,(4)能察覺類比清晰度與系統性的學生其學習成就較高。
Analogy has been considered an effective instructional strategy. Transparency and systematicity of analogy are two factors identified as contributing to the effectiveness of analogical learning. This study explored how transparency and systematicity of analogy affect students' comprehension of nested loops, an important programming concept. A two by two (transparency x systematicity) experimental design was used to explore the differences in science achievement and perception of the subjects (176 high school students). The research findings revealed that: (1) the effects of transparency and systematicity of analogical materials on students' achievement were not significant. (2) Instructional materials containing high-transparency analogy helped students perceive more analogical relations than those with low-transparency analogy. (3) Students perceived more high-order analogical relations from the systematical analogies than the non-systematical analogies, and (4) students who perceived more analogical relations and high-order analogical relations performed better on the achievement test.
ISSN: 1027-507X
Other Identifiers: ntnulib_tp_A0905_01_019
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