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Title: K-blog : 整合知識分享策略的教師專業成長知識部落格環境的建置及歷程分析
K-blog---A Knowledge Sharing-Based Weblog Environment for Teacher Professional Development Communities
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學資訊教育研究所
Issue Date: 1-Jul-2011
Abstract: 在數位學習環境當中,教師的教學受到科技的影響,並使教學活動更趨多元,然而,許多研究均發現教師尚未建立知識分享之組織文化,多為孤立進行教學設計,且教學相關的知識多為隱性知識,不易外化分享,因此面臨許多教學相關問題時,教師們彼此便較難由同儕的經驗與解答中得到幫助並解決問題。本計畫擬配合知識移轉的理論模式,設計”以知識為基礎”的教師部落格知識架構與知識分享策略模式,並依據該模式發展相關之部落格工具模組K-blog,以輔助教師社群進行知識分享活動,最後,並將藉由實徵觀察研究驗證教師使用之歷程、態度與成效。
In the context of e-Learning, teachers’ instruction is also under the influence of technology. These revolutionized teaching methods and technologies have diversified teaching activities. Many studies, however, have pointed out that most teachers have not yet established the culture of sharing teaching knowledge and experiences; they are used to designing instructional activities in isolation, and most teaching knowledge is “tacit” and not easily “externalized”. Therefore, when facing many instruction-related problems, peers may not be able to acquire relevant experience or solutions from each other that may solve the bottlenecks in teaching. This project intend to construct a knowledge-based blog framework and knowledge sharing model for teacher communities based on knowledge transition theories, and then develop a series of software modules/tools for online teacher communities according to the framework to assist teachers’ knowledge sharing. Finally, the project will evaluate the teachers’ knowledge sharing process, attitudes and the performance through the empirical observations.
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