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Title: 數位學習服務品質之評鑑與落差探討
The Status Quo and Gap Analysis of the E-Learning Service Certification
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學資訊教育研究所
Issue Date: 1-Dec-2007
Publisher: 中國視聽教育學會
Abstract: 「數位學習服務品質認證」是「數位學習國家型科技計畫」為確保各項數位學習計畫之學習內涵與品質,所開發之品質評鑑架構與服務。「數位學習服務品質認證」是以實施或提供數位學習服務之機構為評鑑對象,透過評鑑架構系統性地檢視數位學習服務機構在人員、課程、及系統等三個學習服務品質面向的表現,並據以授予品質標章,以鼓勵及推廣優質數位學習服務。本研究透過「數位學習服務品質規範」之探討,檢視數位學習服務之品質評鑑架構、內涵與定位,並經由數位學習服務品質認證 (1.04版) 案例之品質表現與自我評鑑之落差分析,檢視數位學習服務機構對於數位學習服務品質標準之看法與問題。研究結果顯示,數位學習服務品質評鑑之系統架構具適切的結構效度;而由個案品質表現之落差分析則發現申請機構傾向於高估其數位學習服務之品質。研究建議 (a)「數位學習服務品質認證」在評鑑重點上應調整“檢核重點之最低通過等級為其認證等級”之評鑑方式,重新聚焦於“品質規範”層面,以期能提供更具彈性與更真實呈現數位學習服務的品質;(b)後續仍有賴品質認證中心提供適切的推廣與訓練活動,以縮減數位學習服務機構對於服務品質標準認知上的落差;(c)「數位學習服務品質認證」應建立客觀且系統性的評量與檢驗機制,以維護並提升品質認證之客觀性與適用性。
The e-Learning Service Certification program (eLSC) was implemented by the e-Learning Quality Certification Center to distinguish and promote quality e-learning under the National Science and Technology Program for e-Learning (ELNP). The quality framework of eLSC employed a systematic process to evaluate the educational quality of an organization掇 e-learning services from personnel, course, and system aspects. The gap analysis of 28 e-learning service certification (version 1.04) cases revealed that the quality framework possessed adequate reliability and validity, and the eLSC applicants tended to overestimate their e-learning service quality. Finally, it was suggested that (a) the quality evaluation of e-learning service should refocus on the criterion level instead of the sub-criterion level to enhance flexibility and fidelity in representing e-learning quality, (b) further efforts in providing adequate training and diffusion of the eLSC program to the target audiences are needed in order to narrow the gap between the quality evaluation and the applicantsperception, and (c) a systematic evaluation framework is needed for reviewing and maintaining the appropriateness and applicability of eLSC.
ISSN: 1019-6943
Other Identifiers: ntnulib_tp_A0904_01_063
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