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Title: 線上資訊教師社群與線上資訊教育研究方法的整合及應用(II)
Online IT Teachers' Community and Online IT Educational Research Methods---Integration and Applications (II)
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學資訊教育研究所
Issue Date: 10-Aug-2004
Abstract: 本報告為三年計畫的第二年進度報告。第二年的研究是在第一年的基礎上,針對(1)線上資訊教師社群經營策略;(2)社會網路分析方法;及(3)線上調查工具三者,進一步研究。在社群經營策略方面,我們提出Three Stage / ThreeDimension Framework: Potential stage(Structural dimension), Coalescing stage(Relational dimension), 及Maturing stage(Cognitive dimension)。在三個stage 中,我們提出Gift, Cooperation, Publication 及Workshop 四個策略(Lin, Pan, Hsu, & Chiou2004)。在社會網路分析方法方面,我們建置了Forum Visualizer,經營者和參與者可以看到全體、個人、及主題的參與情形。Forum Visualizer 是一個直視性的視覺化工具。在線上調查工具方面,我們發展了線上問卷調查工具,資訊教師可以設計問卷及進行線上問卷調查。
This is the second-year progress report for a three-year project. Based on the online community platform built in the first year, The second year's foci were (1) to find appropriate community management strategies, (2) to develop a social network analysis tool for the online forum, and (3) to develop a online survey tool to support the community moderator and participants. We provided a three stage/three dimension framework. We also provided gift, publication, cooperation and workshop strategies for the three dimension framework. We designed a Forum Visualizer to help moderator and participants to see the online discussion intuitively. And we also developed an online survey tool to aid moderator and participants design and execute online questionnaire and online survey. In overall, the outcomes were quite productive.
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