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Title: 線上資訊教師社群與線上資訊教育研究方法的整合及應用(I)
Online IT Teachers' Community and Online IT Educational Research Methods---Integration and Applications (I)
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學資訊教育研究所
Issue Date: 17-Aug-2003
Abstract: 本報告為三年計畫之第一年的進度報告。第一年的研究目的在於確立研究的概念基礎及建立線上社群平台的雛型。研究對象為國中小學資訊教師(含資訊組長和系統管理師),第一年的資訊教育研究方法以線上問卷調查為主。於概念基礎方面,我們決定採用社會資本理論。平台於歷經三次的問卷調查徵詢國中小資訊教師的意見後,已大致確定。
This is the first-year progress report for a three-year project. The first-year’s research purposes were to establish a conceptual framework for the Grades 1-9 ICT teachers and to construct a community platform for them. We picked up Social Capital Theory as the underlying theory for guiding the online community research. After three phases of cycles, we created an online community prototypical platform. As to the main educational research method used in this year, the online survey was executed to provide applicable data and information for the ongoing research needs.
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