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Title: 國中教師電腦知能學習研究---藝能科(III)
Enhancing Junior High School Art, Music and Home Economics Teachers' Computer Proficiency (III)
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學資訊教育研究所
Issue Date: 31-Jul-2002
Abstract: 本研究的目的在於提出一個可促進教師之資訊科技融入教學知能與實務的方式。我們和一位國中美術老師合作,以教師需求中心(個人化)的方式,設計了一個專屬於教師個人教學的教課輔助系統,建了一個專屬於教師個人的教學網站,並實際在美術課上試用。蒐集的研究資料包括錄影、學生問卷、網站、及教師訪談。本研究的結果中,協助美術教師運用資訊科技於課堂教學的歷程,可提供給教師訓練者參考;教課輔助系統可經由小幅度的修改,掛到美術教師的個人教學網站上;美術教學單元的教材,可供其他美術教師教學使用。這個研究尚未能提出一整套資訊科技融入美術教學的模式。
For the purpose of understanding the phenomenon of art teacher’s integration of ICT, we collaborated with one junior high school art teacher to experiment the possible ways of incorporating ICT into her classes. Two unit plans and their related learning materials were developed. And one web-based teaching tool was designed and implemented to support her teaching. Data were collected via videotaping, interviewing, web site developing, and questionnaire surveying. This study revealed that a personalized teaching tool for a teacher is necessary. And the researcher-teacher cooperative approach is one of the possible ways for promoting ICT integration in schools.
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