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Title: 應用科學教育學門規劃研究推動計畫
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學資訊教育研究所
Issue Date: 31-Dec-2000
Abstract: 應用科學教育研究的主要研究領域是大學的工程與科技教育研究及中小學的科技教育研究。擔任這個學門規劃者的重要任務在於找到更多肯投入這個領域的研究者、提供研究資訊、策劃研究主題、導引研究計畫申請書之撰寫、提昇研究方法、增加論文發表量、塑造研究環境(刊物、研討會、研習會、國外交流等)。回顧 2000年,深覺這個學門進步不大。主要的問題之一在於研究者未能真正投入,而未能真正投入的主因是心態。
The Applied Science EducationResearch includes two major fields. One isthe engineering and technology education inuniversities and colleges, and the other one isthe technology education in K-12. As aresearch program planner, my missions areproviding research information, settingresearch themes, recruiting more scholars tostep into our research fields, upgrading thequality of research methodology, increasingpublications, and creating a proper researchenvironment. These missions still need moreeffort to make them realized. One of the mostcritical factors while we are promoting thisprogram is “commitment”. Without fullcommitment I see no future of this program. Ipersonally believe engineering educationresearch in general four-year university is oneof the most potential areas that worth to befully cultivated.
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