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Title: 資訊實習教師遠距輔導研究---學生管理知能成長研究(II)
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學資訊教育研究所
Issue Date: 31-Jul-1999
Abstract: 這個研究的重心在於探討線上討論社群對資訊實習教師之學生管理知能的影響。為達到研究目的,我們在STNet上組織了一個封閉型的討論社群。然為使現職教師的學生管理經驗可以提供給封閉型社群成員參考,我們又發展了CMNet。STNet部分的研究結果顯示,雖然發表及回應的文章不少,但大多偏重學生管理的技巧問題,理念性的議題很少。CMNet的研究結果顯示,多數人是沈默的閱讀者。我們只達到預設研究目的一部分,不過,從這個研究中,我們找到不少值得繼續研究的題目。我們認為線上討論系統及線上討論社群是具有遠景的研究方向。
This study was to explore the impact of online discussion community upon teaching interns' conception of classroom management. For fulfilling the purpose we utilized STNet to form a closed online community and developed the CMNet system to investigate the open online dialogue community. The STNet community produced 41 postings and 185 responses, but most of them were management skill discussions. Rationale-oriented themes were rare. The CMNet community produced few postings, but did bring many silent readers. We proposed that the parallel operation of STNet and CMNet is necessary and that further research should try to find the optimal model for moderating the online dialogue community.
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