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Title: 網路化學習社群的理念與模式
Rationales and Models for Network-Based Learning Community
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學資訊教育研究所
Issue Date: 31-Jul-1997
Abstract: 將學習和知識建構二者區分開來,提出知識建構理念,認為應以知識建構理念設計建造電腦網路上的知識建構社群。提出這種觀點的背後力量是學習社會、學習組織、及我個人對建構論的信念。以知識建構理念檢視現有的網路學習環境,可以發現目前尚無真正屬於學習者的知識建構社群。網路化知識建構社群的模式尚未成型,有待研究試驗及建立。
I proposed that we need intentionally to differentiate the concept of learning and the concept of knowledge building. It is the time to apply the knowledge building rationale to design the network-based knowledge building community. The knowledge building rationale was activated by the rationales of learning society, learning organization, and my personal belief in constructivism and constructionism. Knowledge building rationale considers the learners as workers, contributors, and co-workers. The implementation approaches for actualizing the rationale is still yet to be tested. I believe knowledge building rationale will shed some brand new insights upon our researches on network-based learning.
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