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Title: 學習歷程檢視器:Web學習環境中的學習管理工具
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學資訊教育研究所
Issue Date: 18-Mar-1999
Abstract: 了解學習者的學習狀態一直是我們追求的目標之一。在以瀏覽導向的全球資訊網(WWW)學習環境中,我們可以藉由追蹤學習者的學習路徑來呈現學生的學習狀態,但是,由追蹤系統所紀錄到的資料過於瑣碎、雜亂,故本文的研究目的在於製作一學習歷程檢視器,用來檢視學習者在www上的學習路徑、次數及停留時間。本文首先提出學習歷程檢視器的架構,並提出分析追蹤資料的指標。接著我們實地測試我們的學習歷程檢視器。經由測試結果顯示,藉由學習歷程檢視器,讓我們更容易掌握學習者的學習狀態。
To comprehend learners' learning status is the goal we attempt to arrive forever. On browsed-orient Environment, WWW , one way to touch the goal is tracking learners' learning processes. However , the data recorded by tracking system are too pettiness and too large to find we want. The purpose of this paper is to design a learning path viewer. In this paper, first , we discuss how to design the architecture of the learning path viewer. And then we present some index to view the learning path. Finally, we test our learning path viewer. From the result, it is easy to understand learners' learning status by our learning path viewer.
Other Identifiers: ntnulib_tp_A0903_02_019
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