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Title: 網路化班級經營知能建構環境
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學資訊教育研究所
Issue Date: 18-Mar-1999
Abstract: 本研究試著利用網路技術、以學習社群的理念,以職前、實習及在職教師為社群對象,以班級經營知識為學習內容,建置班級經營網路(Classroom Management Network, CMNet)。CMNet係針對職前教師和在職教師的班級經營知能,配合大學班級經營課程,建立一個可供教師討論、分享、反省的網路環境。CMNet目前採用輔助教課的方式,由修課學生與授課老師組成封閉的學習社群。未來則計畫將CMNet開放,使CMNet變成開放的學習社群,由職前/實習/在職教師、家長及社會人士等參與討論,共同建構班級經營的知識。
CMNet (Classroom Management Network) was built to help teachers (preservice, internship and inservice) aware classroom management knowledge. It is a network environment supported by rationale of learning community. Currently CMNet was a closed environment used by two undergraduate education courses and one student teaching class. We plan to move CMNet from the closed one to an open environment in which more classroom knowledge can be shared and refined by teachers, parents and other community members.
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