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Title: 部落發展、環境變遷與流域治理,-河岸部落原住民之社會資本、轉化學習及培力發展
Social Capital, Transformative Learning and Empowerment of Amis Aboriginal Tribes of Riverbanks
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學社會教育學系
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: 行政院國家科學委員會
Abstract: 本研究試圖從環境的變遷與因應角度,檢視河岸部落原住民在社會資本方面的現況與演變過程,並企圖從部落的轉化學習與培力過程之深入分析與探索,瞭解弱勢團體如何在此過程中產生改變的認知與行動,進而探究社會資本、轉換學習與培力發展三者間的相關性,作為分析部落發展之可能性與未來性的基礎。透過質性研究的文獻分析與理論詮釋、行動研究、深度訪談,以及個案比較等方法,本研究的目的有四: 一、探討大漢溪及新店溪流域原住民族(撒烏瓦知、崁津、溪州)之社會資本的內涵、衍生過程,以及各部落之間在社會資本發展上的差異情況。 二、訪查與分析河岸三個原住民部落(撒烏瓦知、崁津、溪州)在生活與生存領域之轉化學習的情形,與三個部落在此歷程中的改變過程。 三、探討河岸三個原住民部落(撒烏瓦知、崁津、溪州)在培力發展過程之實質意涵、層面,以及各部落培力發展之差異程度。 四、探討三個原住民部落 (撒烏瓦知、崁津、溪洲)之社會資本對培力發展之關係或影響程度,以及三個部落原住民之轉化學習對培力發展之關係或影響程度。
This study focuses on the social capital, transformative learning and empowerment of Dahanxi and xindan Rivebanks . In other words, the study aims at social capital, transformative learning and empowerment of Amis tribes at Riverbanks. Based on tribe (community) participation, psychological interaction and reciprocal organizations, we could examine the contents and differences of social capital of aboriginal people and future tribal empowerment also. The methods of this study are including of literature review and theory interpretation, action research , in-depth interview and case comparative method. The aims of the study are as follows: 1)To explore the contents and outputs of social capital of three tribes at Dahanxi and Xindan River banks. 2)To analysis transformative learning processes when encountering critical and survival events of three tribes at Dahanxi and Xindan River banks. 3) To probe into the relations of social capital, transformative learning and Empowerment at three tribes. 4)To explore the empowerment levels of three tribes at Dahanxi and Xindan River banks. 5) To offer some suggestions about aboriginal tribe development for gvern- ment and other private agencies.
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