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Title: 政府補助遞減對非營利組織發展社會企業之影響
Impact Study on declining government funding for Non-Profit Organizations upgrading to be Social Enterprise in Taiwan
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學社會教育學系
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: 行政院國家科學委員會
Abstract: 研究目的:社會企業核心精神在於追求經濟自主,故不可能得到政府的長期支持,政府補助 比例逐漸下降,甚至最終歸零,乃是無法避免的政策方向,關鍵問題在於,政府補助逐漸遞 減趨勢下,由非營利組織發展之社會企業,是否可以自負盈虧,而達獨立自主,抑或逐漸萎 縮,甚至退場?前述疑問,目前仍舊欠缺實證資料。緣此,本計畫之目的在於探索政府補助 逐漸降低趨勢下,對於非營利組織發展社會企業之影響。 研究期程:本計畫提出三年研究期程,首先,由目前政策方案可以發現,對於發展社會企業, 目前仍欠缺合適的政策補助指標,故本計畫第一年擬先進行當前政府補助發展社會企業之指 標評估,以了解政策補助指標之適切性;其次,本計畫第二年擬了解在政府補助支持下,非 營利組織發展社會企業之成效;最後,第三年則試圖建立具差異性的政府補助指標,建立類 型化社會企業的發展模式,並對政府介入輔導提出建議。
Purpose of this Study: The essence of social enterprise lies in its ability to pursue economic autonomy, as it is impossible to obtain long-term governmental support, while the proportion of government-based grants or funding for a social enterprise decreases gradually, it necessarily due to policy concerns, will inevitably disappear. Hence it is essential for an NPO (Non-Profit Organization) becoming a social enterprise to become fiscally autonomous and responsible for its own budget to counteract the ever-declining trend in governmental funding allocated, with the only other options of dissolution or exit of that social enterprise from its domain. In regard to this issue there is a dearth of empirical data by which to analyze how do social enterprise NPO's deal with this trend and react by development and what effects and influences may be found. Thus, the purpose of this study is to explore the impact of decreasing government funding upon Non-Profit social enterprise organization. Proposed Research: This study proposes a three-year inquiry into issues involving the decrease in governmental grants, subsidies, and other funding as per the impact of that decrease upon Non-Profit Social Enterprise Organizations in regard to their development, operations and structures. First, by exploring current policy that effects social enterprises and particularly in light of the seeming lack of any set of standards by which government authorities grant or deny funding requests. By carrying out a survey of extant subsidization and funding we hope to become capable of evaluating the process by which authorities deem an enterprise fit and appropriate to grant funding. Second, we will analyze the performance of government supported NPOs and chart their development. Finally, we will investigate and establish what are the patterns and differences among these standards and make a categorization of the social enterprises. All the while while keeping in mind the issues of ever-decreasing funding in the course of our inquiry, we will offer suggestions as to appropriate measures to assist all parties in overcoming these challenges, in particular we hope to offer a standard by which any given NPO social enterprise may hope to successfully apply for the remaining government funding available.
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