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Title: 從非營利組織到社會企業
From Nonprofit Organization to Social Enterprise
Other Titles: 三重底線的架構
the Framewok of Triple Bottom Line
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學社會教育學系
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: 行政院國家科學委員會
Abstract: 研究背景:為解決弱勢者失業問題,並彌補非營利組織之財政缺口,社會企業成為歐美 非營利組織發展之新趨勢,並強調融合經濟與社會兩項指標之雙重底線觀點。然而,歐 美社會企業發展遭遇許多挑戰,為解決弱勢就業之結構性困境及追求財政永續,歐美分 別從公共政策及環境指標建構社會企業之三重底線,而台灣目前仍欠缺充足的實證研究 及學術累積。 研究目的:本研究之目的在於探索三重底線對於社會企業發展之影響。本計畫擬從提出 三年期計畫加以析探。第一年研究公共政策對非營利組織發展社會企業之影響,研究重 點包含:多元就業開發方案是否有助非營利組織發展社會企業?庇護工場是否可以轉型 為社會企業?第二年分析環境指標對非營利組織發展社會企業之影響,研究重點為生態 企業及公平貿易精神,是否有助於非營利組織發展社會企業?第三年則在前述實證研究 基礎下,發展本土性之社會企業架構,研究重點包含:公共政策與環境指標競合之可能 性?從三重底線邁向四重底線架構之可能性? 研究方法:包含文獻檢視法、深度訪談法、焦點團體法及參訪法。
Background: For over two decades, we are witnessing the remark growth in the social enterprises, which belong neither to increase employment of people with disabilities nor to the investment of commercial value into nonprofit organization. These initiatives generally derive their impetus from the “double bottom line” feature of social enterprise. However, the persistence of structural unemployment and sustainable development has naturally raised the question of how far the social enterprise can help to meet these challenges. The rediscovery of the social enterprises is now widely discussed in public debate, social enterprises can be considered as new “triple bottom line” organizational forms and are at the crossroads of markets, public policy and civil society. Purpose: This proposal aims to examine how “triple bottom line” to affect the trend of social enterprise. The objective of first year is to analysis the social enterprise on the basis of the public policy in Taiwan. Two basic research questions are posed. Firstly, could multi-employment promotion program to activating the development of social enterprises? Secondly, could shelter factory transfer to the social enterprise? The objective of second year is to analysis the social enterprise on the basis of the environment in Taiwan. The basic question is focused on could ecopreneurship and fair trade to promotion the development of social enterprise? Finally, an exploratory approach within the phenomenological research to provides a practical framework for social enterprise in Taiwan. Method: The in-depth interviews, focus group and ground theory method will be collected and used as research material.
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