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Title: 國家治理下的文化政策
Cultural Policies under State Governance: A Historical Reflection
Other Titles: 一個歷史回顧
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學社會教育學系
Issue Date: 1-Oct-2002
Publisher: 中華大學建築與都市計畫學系
Abstract: 本文從歷史發展的角度切入討論從日本殖民時期到2002年4月止,國內各個歷史階段中國家政體對文化發展的干預情形,以及其國家政體未干預之處但卻具有明顯特徵的文化發展狀況,此外,並分析國家文化政策與當時整體政治、經濟及社會發展的相互關係。研究發現在台灣由國家政體所領導的文化政策,其概念著重在於政治的意識形態、教育及遊憩等方面,而且在早期整個國家的文化政策主要偏向政治發展目的,以及在晚期則主要強調整體社會的經濟發展,而文化的發展在過去歷史中長期以來都是國家政治或經濟發展的附屬品,並沒有一個以文化為主體的文化發展政策,如此也造成目前國內文化主體性格模糊的嚴重課題。本文為透過對台灣各階段文化政策剸展的特徵情形進行深入的分析,在最後歸納出一些國內歷史發展的課題及回應,作為本文的結論與建議,並作為日後政策制定時的借鏡。
From a perspective of historical development and focused on the period from the Japanese Colonial era up to April of 2002, this article discusses state policies’ intervention in cultural development at different historical stages as well as other significant cultural developments albeit without the intervention of state regime. In addition, this paper analyzes the interactions between state’s culture policies and current Political, economic, and social developments. This research finds out that, in Taiwan, the underlying concepts of cultural policies led by the state regime focused primarily on political ideologies, education, leisure and recreation, etc. In the meantime, state’s cultural policies in the early era accentuate the purpose of political development while policies in the later era put emphasis on the overall economic development of the society. Nevertheless, cultural development used to be deemed as accessory to state’s political and economic development in the long past and there was no cultural development policy whatsoever for culture per se. As such, it leads to a serious issue that characters of current domestic culture identity are ambiguous. In order to give an in-depth analysis on the characteristics of the cultural policy development at the different stages of Taiwan, this article concludes with some issues and responses toward the historical development of the nation’s culture policies and provides some suggestions as advices for future policy formulation.
ISSN: 1606-8238
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