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Title: 新移民婦女「賦權」教育之哲學省思
Philosophical Reflection on Empowerment Education of the Recent Migrant Women in Taiwan
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學社會教育學系
Issue Date: 1-Jul-2004
Publisher: 輔仁大學出版社
Abstract: 近十幾年來,臺灣外籍新娘的人數逐年攀昇,這一股新的移民潮正在改變臺灣的面貌,對於臺灣未來的社會文化與社會結構都產生相當的衝擊。所謂外籍新娘,在資本鋹義的詮釋,是指來自經濟較低度發展國家婦女嫁往較高度發展國家的全球性現象,臺灣外籍辯娘則是指透過婚姻仲介的管道而進入臺灣地區的東南亞女子(不含新加坡、馬來西亞等經濟發展較為先進國家)。本文中所謂的「新移民婦女」,即是指「外籍新娘」,在文中「新移民婦女」與「外籍新娘」兩個名詞會視文章的脈絡而交錯使用,一方面突顯「外籍新娘」這個通俗稱謂背後之意識型態的問題,另一方面則又探討外籍新娘「正名」為「新移民婦女」之「賦權」意涵。 本文首先從相關研究與文獻資料的整理與評析,來探索臺灣外籍新娘的現象──形成的原因、生活的樣貌與人權問題。進一步是對暨南大學成教所辦理之「新移民婦女識字成長班」之課程規劃參考架構(基進教育學)作哲學省思,以釐清「賦權教育」之哲學基礎──人觀、世界觀、知識觀、教育觀。並從實踐中的反思,深入探討知識、權力與真理的關係,一方面拓展基進教育學的視域,並對未來辦理類似教育活動提出建議。
The article is an inquiry about the emerging phenomenon of "Foreign Bride" in Taiwan during these two decades by reviewing relevant literature and researches. "Foreign Bride" is a special term to describe a global phenomenon about the distorted and uneven relationship in the international marriage market based on Capitalism. In Taiwan, "Foreign Bride" especially refers to women from economically underdeveloped countries (Southeast Asia, except Singapore and Malaysia) who immigrated to Taiwan through marriage. In the paper, the two terms - "Foreign Bride" and "recent migrant women" are intermingled in usage to uncover the underlining ideology on one side, and to explore the possibility of empowerment on the other side. For the purpose of empowering those recent migrant women to cope with Taiwan society, a Literacy Program was designed based on the framework of Radical Pedagogy and offered by the Graduate Institute of Adult and Continuing Education, National Chi Nan University. A reflection on the philosophical foundations of Radical Pedagogy that looks into the vision of man and world, assumptions of episteme, the nature of teaching and learning, reveals what an empowerment education should be. Furthermore, the relationship between knowledge, power and truth is investigated through reflecting on the practical process.
ISSN: 1995-9176
Other Identifiers: ntnulib_tp_A0506_01_034
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