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Title: 學習對自己好一點:兩位已婚婦女對報紙家庭版的學習經驗初探
"Learning to Treat Myself Better":Two Married Women's Learning Experiences from the Family Page of Newspapers
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學社會教育學系
Issue Date: 1-Dec-2001
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學社會教育系
Abstract: 本文旨在探討已婚婦女的學習觀點與經驗,尤其是關於家人照顧者的角色改變,以及報紙家庭版對於這方面的學習所具有的影響力。文章首先分析相關文獻,包括性別角色與成人學習的理論及研究,接著探討臺灣兩大報紙家庭版所呈現的婦女自我意識,並分析訪談女性讀者所獲得的資料。兩位受訪者的陳述顯示,她們以不同的方式閱讀及詮釋這個版面的文章;這些差異經分析後發現,部份係與她們的自我概念及生活經驗不同有關。訪談資料亦呈現出她們目前無法完全改變傳統的性別角色以及相關的影響因素。本文因此指出,家庭版作為角色轉化的學習資源有其限制,儘管閱讀該版是受訪者的一種重要學習方法。本文最後提出相關議題以供後續研究參考。
This paper aims to explore the learning of married women to alter their attentive roles in domestic affairs with respect to the influence of the media, and in particular the Family Page of newspapers. Based on a review of the literature concerning gender and adult learning, as well as an analysis of the sense of self indicated in two main newspapers in Taiwan, married female readers were interviewed. Descriptions and analysis of the two interviewees’ statements suggest that the newspaper texts were viewed and interpreted in different ways, associated in part with interviewees’ self concepts and experiences of life. The analysis also illustrates the difficulties for women to transform traditional gender roles entirely. The limitations for regarding the Family Page as a role-changing information resource is consequently emphasized, even though reading the page is an essential means for interviewees to learn. Issues for further research are finally put forward.
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