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Title: 教師非制式學習與資訊融入教學能力發展研究
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學社會教育學系
Issue Date: 31-Jul-2009
Publisher: 行政院國家科學委員會
Abstract: 國家的競爭力來自于國民的幾個關鍵能力, 如動手做的能力、資訊科技應用的能力。 有鑑于此,教育部頒佈政策來做資訊科技紮根的工作,其中之一就是要求教師運用電腦, 亦 即資訊科技融入教學。然資訊科技融入教學的成效在於教師本身資訊科技能力 (e-competence) ,如何提昇教師資訊科技能力及提昇到何種程度才可勝任良好的資訊科技融 入教學,就成為關鍵課題。因此本研究目的為:1.瞭解教師之資訊科技能力運用情形。 2.瞭解教師之資訊科技能力非制式學習方法。3.瞭解教師之資訊科技能力非制式學習之 學習策略。4.發展有關資訊融入教學之資訊科技能力分級檢核表。 本研究將透過焦點團體法、問卷調查法以及深度訪談法,收集研究資料研究。前二者對象為 96 年度參加教育部資訊融入教學創意獎競賽之教師;深度訪談法則以得獎老師為主了解其 非制式學習之學習策略。研究結果將提供中小學教師提昇其資訊科技能力非制式學習方 法與策略之參考;也提供教育主管部門規劃資訊融入教學之師資培育計畫及提昇教師非 制式學習環境之參考。
The Key competencies of individuals for national competition such as hands-on capability, information communication technology (ICT) capability and so on, are very essential. In order to deal with this need, Ministry of Education in Taiwan announced a policy to promote the ICT to be used in schools. One of the policy focuses on teachers’professional development to increase the use of ICT at each classroom. Nevertheless, what kinds and what levels of e-competence should be upgraded have never been studied. And the strategy that teachers promote their e-competency by informal learning is very important. Thus, the purposes of this study aim to develop a level checklist of e-competence and to realize the informal learning strategies of teachers in approaching ICT. This study will adapt the focus group , survey, and in-depth interview as the research methods. The results of this study will be implied to the professional development and to enhance the ICT in educational settings.
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