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Title: 臺灣媒體企業之中國大陸市場進入模式及其決策影響因素研究
Market Entry Modes and Determinants of Taiwanese Media Firms into Mainland China
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學大眾傳播研究所
Issue Date: 1-Oct-2006
Publisher: 國立政治大學新聞系
Abstract: 本研究運用市場進入模式理論,利用問卷調查法、文件分析法、深度訪談法、焦點團體討論法解析台灣媒體企業進入中國大陸市場的模式類型及其影響決策考量因素。調查發現,超過九成有經營海外市場的台灣媒體企業都以中國大陸為主要目標市場,而尚未進入大陸者則有近三分之一表示未來三年內將搶進大陸市場,顯示大陸已是台灣媒體企業經營海外市場的重點。本研究顯示,台灣媒體企業固然樂觀面對大陸媒體市場的發展,但大陸法規的鬆綁與否才是其能否登陸的關鍵。
In order to learn how Taiwanese media firms enter the Mainland Chinese market, this study was conducted for the following purposes. Revealing entry modes to China for Taiwanese media corporations and demonstrating influential factors of selecting market entry modes. Additionally, revealing market plans and strategies of Taiwanese media firms and revising market entry mode theory for further studies on media were also conducted. This study found that approximately one third of Taiwan’s media companies have entered the Chinese market. Taiwanese media firms have adopted several entry modes to enter the Chinese market depending on media regulations of both governments and their own market strategies. The rankings of influential factors on Taiwanese media firms’ entering China are based on media regulations, followed by the atmosphere of the local media market, the political variants, the economic situation, the production capability, and the internal factors of each firm.
ISSN: 1016-1007
Other Identifiers: ntnulib_tp_H0903_01_056
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