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Title: 探討廣告商介入電視新聞產製之新聞廣告化現象
Exploring Advertorials in Television News
Other Titles: 兼論置入性行銷與新聞專業自主
Product Placement vs. Professionalism of News Reporting
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學大眾傳播研究所
Issue Date: 1-Dec-2005
Publisher: 中華傳播學會
Abstract: 本研究針對新聞工作者、廣告代理商與新聞傳播學者,採用問卷調查與焦點團體討論等研究方法,以期瞭解:(1)廣告商影響媒體新聞產製的現況與發展;(2)新聞記者對廣告商影響新聞產製的看法;(3)「新聞廣告化」對新聞產製自主性的影響。研究結果發現,近年來廣告商出資利用置入性行銷策略,以新聞專案作包裝,迫使媒體產製廣告化新聞,已成為台灣電視媒體新聞報導的常態。當媒體的獲利思考日益凌駕新聞專業後,新聞媒體如何提供符合專業要求的新聞資訊,以滿足閱聽眾的需求,才是媒體與廣告商亟需謀求的基本共識,否則閱聽眾終將會產生疑慮而不再信任新聞報導內容,最後還是會影響廣告商的權益,更不用說這個趨勢將徹底破壞新聞媒體作為民主社會基石的角色與功能。
In recent years, external economic influences from advertising agencies, rather than political influences from government or political parties, on media content have produced greater effects than before. Thus, adding alternative perspectives to the study on influences on news content, this research focuses on economic power in general and advertising in particular, instead of political power, on media like before. This study employs two research methods, questionnaire survey and focus group discussion, to collect required data for analysis. Questionnaire survey of journalists of television stations is conducted to discover current reality of advertising influences on news content production. Meanwhile, focus group discussion is organized to explore negative influences of advertorials on professionalism and autonomy of media, and if possible, to propose suggestions of regulations. Overall, this study concludes that advertorials appeared in television news are getting popular and acceptable in Taiwan among television news reporters. Even though advertorials are against professionalism of news reporting, more than half of television reporters surveyed are voluntarily willing to produce advertorials under major consideration of financial pressure on their media.
ISSN: 1726-3581
Other Identifiers: ntnulib_tp_H0903_01_052
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