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Title: 影響網路化訓練受訓者滿意度之因素研究
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學國際人力資源發展研究所
Issue Date: 6-Jun-2007
Abstract: 網路化訓練仍處於成長發展時期,因此,許多研究著重在網路化訓練的設計、實施階段,此外,許多學者聚焦於數位化學習並且強調學生的學習經驗或滿意度,缺乏對業界網路化訓練的深入研究,這是促使此文產生的原因。了解影響網路化訓練受訓者滿意度因素是很重要的,如企業能預先將這些因素納入考量,在評鑑成效之後需進行的修改就會相對減少,成本也會因而降低,此外,本研究透過問卷方式比較員工與主管對於影響因素觀點之異同,主管在推行、設計、實施網路化訓練或者激勵員工參與上扮演著重要的角色,然而,員工是此訓練系統的最終使用者,如果此二者間之觀點有著落差,將會引起許多的問題,故盼透過本文促進業界對網路化訓練的認識,而根據研究結果,主管與員工兩者對於影響受訓者滿意度之因素上,其觀點差異主要展現在使用網際網路的頻率、授課者是否給予適時回應、授課者回應討論版問題之速度以及授課方式等四個因素。
More and more employees learn skills or knowledge by web-based training. The advancement of technology and the impacts of globalization push the rise of WBT. It becomes a trend of training. And, because it is still in the stage of growing, many researches focused on the design or implement level of WBT. However, there are few studies emphasize on trainee satisfaction of WBT. Most researchers attach importance on E-learning and aim at experiences or satisfaction of students. That's the reason why this study will be engaged. To know what factors have impacts on trainee satisfaction of WBT is very important. If companies can take factors which affect trainee satisfaction of WBT into consideration in advance, it would save more costs than improve after evaluating. Besides, this study focuses on comparing managers and employees' opinions of factors which affect trainee satisfaction on WBT. Managers are important roles to market, design, and implement WBT or motivate employees to participate it. And employees are the ultimate users. So, if there is a fall between their viewpoints, it would cause many problems. Owing to the need of colleting their opinions, this study will use questionnaires as the research method. According to the result of this research, differences between managers and employees' opinions on factors affecting trainee satisfaction of WBT are showed in four factors. The four factors are frequency of using internet, immediate responses from trainer, the speed to answer questions of discussion board, and teaching style.
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