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Title: 日本防衛研究所之中國研究議程
China Studies Agenda of the Japan National Institute for Defense Studies--With Knowledge Genealogy Perspective
Other Titles: 以知識系譜為研究途徑
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學東亞學系;國立臺灣大學政治學系暨研究所
Issue Date: 31-Jul-2013
Abstract: 本研究以日本「防衛研究所」為研究目標,以其出版物與研究成果為 研究對象,並「系譜學與口述歷史」為研究方法,關心其中國研究之議程、 方法論與視角。試圖:第一、以學術社群分類與連貫性為前提,將防衛研 究所之主要成員、立場與知識脈絡做出辨明,並注重其研究方法與途徑的 觀點。第二、對其學術社群系譜做出詮釋。第三、用他者性的觀點,找出 其研究之特色。本研究之旨趣在於,從代表性研究機構著手,切入日本對 「亞洲/中國」學術視角的研究,從而延續申請人從博士論文以來與前次 主持之國科會計畫:「日本之中國研究系譜--以東洋文庫之學術史為例」 的關懷,具有相當之延續性與開創性。而且本次的研究方向,攸關軍事安 全,對我國而言也有充分應用性。本計畫在未來將做到:1.呈現各種多 元性中國研究社群的知識生產模式;2.促成各種社群對中國研究的反省 與重建;3.提升我國學界從事自我學術特色的競爭力。具體成果預期為: 完成口述歷史三篇以上,完成SSCI 論文一篇,TSSCI 論文二篇、專書一本。 並期許在此研究基礎之上,發展出個人未來五到十年的主要研究議程 (agenda)。
This research analyzes the National Institute of Defense Studies (NIDS), which is a most prominent and important institution of China studies in Japan. The author focuses on their publications and research papers of China studies through genealogy and oral historical approach and attempts to explore agendas, methodologies and perspectives. More specifically, firstly, it tries to clarify the academic connections among NIDS members and their thoughts from the viewpoint of academic history. In addition, this research will construct the genealogy of NIDS and discover the intrinsic meaning of development on China studies to Japan. This research is a further study started from auther’s dissertation and recent NSC plan: Genealogy of Japanese China Studies—In the Case of Toyo-bunko’s Academic History. Besides academic values, this study also involves issues regarding national security of Taiwan that is considered significant and practical. In terms of contribution, this study can provide further methodological approaches and encourage academic groups to reconsider comparatively. As a result, it could enhance possibilities to China studies in Taiwan. It is predicted to complete three oral historical materials and three articles in two years.
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