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Title: 建構邊疆與想像南方:《水經注》的空間論述
Constructing Frontier and Imaging the South : A Study on the Spatial Discourse of Shuijing Zhu
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學東亞學系
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: 北魏酈道元所著《水經注》為北朝文學代表之一,也是開啟中國古代旅行文學的重 要著作之一。但相對於考據學方面的研究與地理學方面的研究,《水經注》的文學研究 一向顯得較為單薄。《水經注》的文學研究過去多在山水文學的領域中進行,甚少涉及 它所具有的北朝文學特性;再者,文學傳統的《水經注》研究,常忽略了酈道元所描述 的是一個國族的完整疆域,並非只有清麗或壯偉的山水而已。《水經注》中所呈現的完 整疆域,包括鮮卑政權統轄之下的北方中原與永嘉之亂以後北方漢人遷移聚居的南方地 區。由於鮮卑來自傳統所謂的邊疆之外,而南方則是酈道元從未踐履的地區,因此酈道 元如何在北方漢人的觀點下建構邊疆,以及如何想像做為漢人第二故鄉的南方,是一個 值得深入探討的問題。本研究計劃預計以兩年時間,分別從「建構邊疆」與「想像南方」 兩個面向,考察酈道元如何透過文學技巧,建構與想像一個統一的疆域,主要目的在於 研探《水經注》成書的基本因素,從而彰顯其所具有的北朝文學特性,期望可以為《水 經注》研究提供不同的理解途徑與思考面向,進而為北朝文學研究提供新的視角,使北 朝文學的面貌更為清晰,同時為南北朝文學研究的多元思考略盡棉薄。
Shuijing zhu, by Li Daoyuan of Northern Wei, is one of the representative works of the Northern Dynasties literature and also one of the important works that established the travel literature tradition in medieval China. However, compared to textual criticism and geographical study on Shuijing zhu, the literal research on this book appears to be much weaker. Most of the researches on Shuijing zhu in the past focused more on viewing it as landscape and travel literature rather than discovering its characteristic as to be Northern dynasties literature. In addition, the literary researches on Shuijing zhu frequently neglect what Li Daoyuan represented a united territory of a nation, focusing only landscapes of serenity and grandeur. The untied territory that written in Shuijing zhu includes the land governed under Northern Wei rule and south China where the Han people lived since they crossed the River Yangzi and become refugee after the year of Yongjia. For the Xianbei, a non-Han tribal, came from beyond the traditional notion of territories, and the South was where Li Daoyuan never set foot on, how Li Daoyuan imagine the south and how he constructed the frontier in the book became an important subjects worth inspecting closer and deeper. This research plans to spend two years to work on how Li Daoyuan constructed and imagined a united territory through northern Han’s aspects, and how he represented it with his excellent literary skill. The main purpose of this research is to inspect the elements of making Shuijing zhu, and further on manifest the characteristics of Northern dynasties literature. Hoping this research will make new and different paths of understanding Shuijing zhu, also will able to provide new visual angle to learn more about Northern dynasties literature and making the face and fact of Northern dynasties literature more clear.
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