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Title: 譯釋之間
Translation or Interpretation?
Other Titles: 衛方濟(Francois Noel, 1651-1729)的經典翻譯與中國書寫
Francois Noel's (1651-1729) Translation of Chinese Classics and His Writing on China
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學東亞學系
Issue Date: 31-Jul-2009
Abstract: 近年明清間耶穌會的翻譯成就,在中西文化交流研究中逐漸受到重視。以往的研究 關注利瑪竇、金尼閣、柏應理等人的著作和翻譯,本計畫則欲探索學界尚未深入研究, 但卻對近代歐洲啟蒙影響深遠的比籍耶穌會士衛方濟(François Noël, 1651-1729)之經典 翻譯,觀察他如何透過翻譯工作,書寫中國、建構中國形象。衛氏名下著作眾多,本計 畫的研究將以《中國六經》(1711)為主。這是他建立在前輩耶穌會柏應理《中國哲學家 孔子》的基礎上,加入《孟子》完成四書翻譯,且選入《小學》和《孝經》二書,在中 國禮儀之爭後不久的敏感時期出版。本人擬區分三個子題以三年時間進行:(一)「衛 方濟其人其事:一個歷史的考察」、(二)「經典翻譯與文本比較分析」和(三)「中國 書寫:衛方濟所建構的中國形象」。計畫將依序從原始資料的考察整理和分析入手,以 最基本的史學研究法耙梳文獻,然後進入文本分析,包含比較分析和系統分析。最後再 以前述的研究為基底轉向文本外緣的處境,探討衛方濟的經典翻譯和中國書寫。
The Jesuit contribution to the origin of the European Sinology in the early Modern time by translating of the Chinese calssics has been brought to the foreground of the recent studies of Sino-European cultural exchange. The figures like Matteo Ricci, N. Trigault and P. Couplet have been fairly investigated and thus are relatively known by scholars. I would argue, however, that the Jesuit François Noël (1651-1729), as a figure who has been rarely known but equally influential, merits more scholarly attention. Living short after Couplet, Noël’s Sinensis imperii libri classici sex (1711) played a crucial role on the German philosopher C. Wolff’s formation of his practical philosophy. The latter eventually called for the importation of Chinese moral and educational systems. Base on Couplet translation of the three Chinese Classics: Lunyu, Daxue and Zhongyong, Noël added Menzi, Xiaoxue and Xiaojing and thus his translation turned to be more practical and moral orientated. His norm of selection of the classics deserved further investigated as his book was published short after the condemnation of the Jesuits accommodation policy and Chinese rites issued by Rome. Wolff is regarded as one of the most important scholars who directed the German philosophy independent from ecclesial/theological domination before the Enlightenment. It seems to me that by the Chinese image portrayed in Noël’s translation of classics, Wolff received a certain interpretation of Chinese culture by the former. In this project I propose to explore Noël’s works of translating Chinese classics and his writings about China by the tree sub-topics proposed for the three years project: (1) Life and Thought of F. Noël, (2) Textual Analysis of Noël’s Translation: Comparative and Systematic, (3) Noël’s Interpretation of China. Once the collection of Noël’s books and the foundational and historical studies are finished, I will proceed to textual studies. By comparing his translation to the corresponded Chinese texts, I wish to systematically describe Noël’s principle of translation and his way of writing on China.
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