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Title: 衛方濟的經典翻譯與中國書寫:文獻介紹
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學東亞學系
Feng-Chuan Pan
Issue Date: 1-Mar-2010
Publisher: 國立編譯館
Abstract: 本文嘗試介紹中國禮儀之爭時期,耶穌會士衛方濟所譯著與中 國有關的文獻。儘管羅馬教廷對中國禮儀的禁令已頒布,他仍積極透 過經典翻譯與書寫,系統性地建構了一套奠基在其對經典與注疏傳統 的理解,以及各種不同身分人士所提出的意見上,引向對中國禮儀之 倫理面向的再詮釋,最後以帝國正統(康熙)作為對經典最終、最權 威性論述的「中國哲學」。他的經典翻譯與中國書寫,直接影響了近 代歐洲的啟蒙運動。作為如此重要的作者,衛方濟的譯著卻被塵封三 個世紀,研究成果罕見。本人不揣淺陋,暫就目前已經取得的衛方濟 名下七件文獻,依時序進行初步介紹,為將來深入研究鋪路,也希望 藉此為中國文獻的歐譯史做出貢獻。
This paper aims at a preliminary documental survey of François Noël’s (1651-1729) translation of the Confucian classics and writings on China. Leaving the Papal prohibition of 1704 behind, Noël published a series of books defending Chinese rites. He systematically constructed a “Chinese Philosophy” via translating the Confucian classics on the foundation of varied Chinese commentarial interpretations, and in a way turned the interpretation of Chinese in Europe into a more political and moral orientated tradition by highlighting the Kangxi Emperor’s authority above all commentarial interpretations of Chinese literati. Although Noël’s translation of the Confucian classics plays an important role in the European Enlightenment, he is still quite an unknown figure in academic circles. If we read and analyse Noël’s work against a backdrop like the Chinese rites controversy, his books clearly deserve our attention. In this paper, seven of Noël’s documents that I have found will be introduced as the beginning for my future exploration of Noël’s work. With this, I hope to contribute to the historical records of the translation and transmission of Chinese classics in the Sino-Western encounter.
ISSN: 2071-4858
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