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Title: 國小校長教學視導之研究:角色踐行與能力發展為焦點
Other Titles: Research on The Instructional Supervision by Elementary School Principals:Role Performance and Capacity Development
Authors: 林和春
Ho-Chun Lin
Issue Date: Dec-2013
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學師資培育與就業輔導處
Office of Teacher Education and Career Service
Abstract: 本研究皆在探討當前國小校長教學視導角色踐行現狀與能力之發展,研究方法以文獻分析和訪談為主,分別立意選取各五位有和無取得「教學視導專業證照」之國小校長進行訪談,再將訪談內容進行分析並參照文獻提出討論,而獲致以下結論:一、校長踐行教學視導之現況為知行未合一,且成果落差大。二、校長之踐行尚須致力提升專業知能,與成立專責單位提供視導工具。三、校長之踐行角色多元,惟應著重在溝通、支持與協助教師。四、校長踐行教學視導雖屬一科技整合之專業,然仍應以實務技術為重。五、增進視導知能之途徑宜分階段達成,並要重視臨床演練及經驗傳承。六、校長企盼政府加速建立專業證照制度與定期編列經費把注。七、踐行之困境在法令不足與教師抗拒,最大挑戰則在於時間不足。八、解決困境之道,在值快建立視導制度及自我精進視導知能。
The present study is to investigate the present elementary school principals' role performance and capacity development in their instructional supervision. Literature review and interviews have been conducted. This study has interviewed five elementary school principals with an " instructional supervision certificate" and another five elementary school principals without. After the interview contents were analyzed and discussed according to literature, the conclusions are listed as follows:1. The present situation of principals' role performance in their instructional supervision is that their performance is not in accordance with their knowledge and there is huge difference between results.2. Principals need to improve their professional knowledge of their role performance. A dedicated team should be set up to provide tools needed for instructional supervision.3. There are multiple aspects of principals' role performance, which should emphasize the importance of communicating with, supporting and assisting teachers.4. Principals' role performance should emphasize the importance of practical techniques although it is a technology integrated discipline.5. Improvement in the knowledge of instructional supervision should be achieved step by step and should emphasize the importance of clinical training and passing down experiences.6. Principals hope that the government can speed up in establishing a professional certificate system and allocate a regular budget.7. The difficulties of role performance came from a lack of clear regulations and teacher resistance. The greatest challenge lies in insu伍cient time.8. The resolution of the difficulties is to establish an instructional supervision system and self-refine the knowledge and capacity for instructional supervision.
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