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Title: 多輸入多輸出系統PID控制器之基因演化設計
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學電機工程學系
Issue Date: 16-Mar-2002
Abstract: 本文提出對非線性多輸入多輸出系統,使用簡化式基因演算法則,調整其PID控制器參數,產生對系統較佳之控制器,以實現輸出訊號可以追蹤期望的輸入訊號;本文中所提出的方法將突破傳統調整PID參數的方式,使用簡化式基因演算法,藉由實數循序搜尋參數交配法,快速地找出所要之參數,對系統產生較好之控制器,直接對系統進行模擬追蹤。
In this paper, a framework to automatically generate a set ofparameters of PID (proportional, integral and derivative) controllersfor the twin rotor multi-input multi-output system (TRMS) using asimplified genetic algorithm (GA) is proposed. The simplified GA isproposed in the paper for tuning the PID parameters. The sequentialsearch method is used to find the desired crossover point for thecrossover operation. Finally, the optimal PID parameters are appliedto the TRMS. Simulation results and experiment verifications aredemonstrated to show the effectiveness and performance of the proposedmethod.
Other Identifiers: ntnulib_tp_E0604_02_082
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