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Title: 對外華語近義詞研究:中、英「切」類動詞之語料庫分析、心理實驗研究及教學語法之應用
Near-Synonyms: a corpus-based and Experimental Study of verbs of Cutting in English and Mandarin and its Pedagogical Grammar Application
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學華語文教學系暨研究所
Issue Date: 31-Jul-2012
Publisher: 行政院國家科學委員會
Abstract: 本文主要探討英語「切」類動詞(Verbs of Cutting)及其漢語之對應詞、近義詞,如「剪、割、切、剁、砍」等漢語「切」類動詞之近義詞與動詞分析研究。奠基在前人的研究上,以語意分析、心理實驗的方法設計四個實驗。結果發現,「力道」(FORCE)確為漢語切類動詞的顯著語義特徵,而與之最相關的動詞為「砍、剁、劈」;漢語切類動詞中僅有「削」具有方向(DIRECTION)這個語意特徵;工具(INSTRUMENT)和物體(OBJECT)軟硬的特性對漢語母語者切類動詞選用上皆有影響,工具不同選用的動詞也不同,而物體的軟硬與特徵不同,出現的動詞也不同;且物體(OBJECT)對漢語切類動詞選用的影響大於工具(INSTRUMENT);在切分事件結果的描述上,漢語母語者傾向使用較為具體描述形狀的補語來描述其結果,而非只是以「斷、開」來描述;另外,也多用「把字句」來描述切類事件,「工具」常出現在描述語句中。最後,結合以上的實驗結果,參照現行的華語教材,我們嘗試從認知語言學的角度,即語義特徵、意象圖式,結合教學語法的分級,提出華語教學建議。
This study explored the near-synonyms of verbs of cutting in Mandarin, analyzing verbs including jian, ge, qie, duo, kan, etc. Four psychological experiments were designed based upon the results of semantic analysis and previous studies. Results show that FORCE is a remarkable semantic feature of verbs of cutting in Mandarin; the most related examples are kan, duo, and pi. Only xiao entails DIRECTION. INSTRUMENT and THE HARDNESS OF OBJECT both affect the subjects’ choice of verbs of cutting. In addition, the factor OBJECT plays an important role in affecting on the selecting of verbs of cutting. Instead of using duan and kai, native Mandarin speakers tend to use complements when describing the result of a separation. On the other hand, ba- pattern is often used to describe cutting events, while INSTRUMENT is often mentioned in depictive sentences. Lastly, by concluding experimental results above and referring to contemporary Mandarin textbooks, we raise some suggestions in Mandarin teaching from the aspect of cognitive linguistics and pedagogical grammar.
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