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Title: 中文關聯詞用法之語料庫分析:寫作偏誤類型與教學應用
A Corpus-based Analysis of Connectives in Chinese: the Types of Writing Interlanguage and Pedagogical Implications)
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學華語文教學系暨研究所
Issue Date: 31-Jul-2011
Publisher: 行政院國家科學委員會
Abstract: 有鑑於對外漢語寫作需求及其重要性,本研究提出 (1) 建構關聯詞(連接詞,connectives)文獻彙整、歸納與評估,(2)對比分析第二外語學習者常見之偏誤類型,(3)提出關聯詞與各類文體之教學應用與教材編寫。就關聯詞來說,先前研究大都致力於句子層面,本研究計畫從篇章的層面 (段落、句群的銜接)切入,探討關聯詞的議題。 本計畫為期三年,主要是針對學習者寫作關聯詞的篇章銜接(cohesion)與連貫(coherence)分析,並擬以結合語料庫研究(corpus-based)與錯誤對比分析(error analysis),同時進行關聯詞之語義、語用功能分析,更進一步比較英漢關聯詞異同(例如:省略、對照)等現象。本計畫也將針對現有常用華語文教材作深入的評估分析,進而提出關聯詞語用情境與功能之具體描述及說明,以期發展出適用於不同文體(genres)與常用關聯詞之教材練習,供華語文教師及學習者參考。其研究報告也將陸續在國內外期刊中發表,以貢獻華語寫作教學方面的研究。
In light of the need and the importance of Chinese writing, the present study proposes to (1) evaluate, and establish a database of important references on Chinese connectives, (2) analyze, generalize, and compare second language learners’ commonly-used connective errors with native speakers’, and (3) propose semantic, pragmatic and situational rules of connectives in texts and the relevant genre styles. As to connectives, while previous studies have been devoted to the level of sentences, the present research plans to address the issues on connectives by considering the factor/level of texts and paragraphs. The present research is a three-year project, which focuses on the analysis of connectives in terms of text cohesion and coherence (e.g. explicit coherence and implicit coherence). On the one hand, we aim to analyze the pragmatic functions and rules of connectives, and compare learners’ errors with native speakers’ building on a corpus-based analysis and error analysis. On the other hand, we further contrast the differences between English and Chinese writings, such as omission and cohesion. In addition, we will evaluate the connectives in some textbooks, provide the functional-based analysis of connectives, and develop a set of exercises and materials of connectives corresponding to various genres for teachers’ and learns’ references. Finally, the results will be published in journals to contribute to and encourage further related studies.
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