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Titel: 元曲〈天淨沙・秋思〉教學之視覺圖像與語用策略分析
The Use of Visual Imagery and Pragmatic Strategies in Teaching the Chinese Yuan Dynasty Qu (Poem) “Tian Jing Sha: Autumn Thoughts”to L2 Learners
Autoren: 國立臺灣師範大學華語文教學系暨研究所
Chu, W. H.
Wang, C. H.
Erscheinungsdatum: 1-Mär-2013
Herausgeber: 臺北市:華文世界雜誌社
Zusammenfassung: 中國古典文學是華語文化學習不可或缺的材料,然而,以華語作為第二語言或外語的學習者,卻常認為古代漢語的材料難懂,甚且質疑古典文學的學習對於當代華語能力的提升究竟「有什麼用」?本文因而嘗試以元代馬致遠的曲作〈天淨沙〉(秋思)為例,為華語中級以上程度的學習者,發展以古代詩歌文學提升當代華語語用能力的多媒體學習內容。本文先以情境元素分析法逐句解構〈天淨沙〉之視覺與聽覺等情境影響元素,再將之對應轉化為多媒體元件,製作成多媒體動畫,以展演作品情境,其目的除了希望學生能深入體悟作品意境之外,同時也希望藉由作品的語用策略分析,以及情境化的語用練習,使學生能將所學的語用知識靈活運用於日常生活情境中,並因此體會到古典詩歌文學有助於當代華語能力的提升,是「有用的」學習材料。
Classical Chinese literature is one of the necessary components of learn-ing Chinese as a second or foreign language (CSL/CFL). However, L2 learners (second language learners) usually complain about the difficulty of learning classical Chinese literature and even doubt whether it is useful for the im-provement of modern Chinese language ability. For this reason, this article is an exploratory study of developing multimedia learning content of classical Chinese poetry for advanced Chinese level students and its effect on improv-ing Chinese pragmatic competence. This goal is achieved through a comput-er-assisted learning environment, which shows classical literature visually with computer graphics. We take the poem "Tian Jing Sha: Autumn Thoughts" by Mǎ Zhì-Yuǎn from the Yuan dynasty as an example to produce the multi-media curriculum and to encode the poem's pragmatic strategy. The exercises are designed to test whether the students, after studying the poem, could make correct inferences about other cases of daily uses of its linguistic context. The result is L2 learners realizing the benefit of learning classical Chinese poetry.
ISSN: 1811-8429
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