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Title: 虛擬環境中以華語為外語學習者之學習行為與習得歷程之探究
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學應用華語文學系
Issue Date: 31-Jul-2012
Publisher: 行政院國家科學委員會
Abstract: 在自然情境中與人進行有意義的社會互動是外語學習者習得標的語重要且有效的策略。尤其是外語學習者與母語人士或是其他能力較好的外語學習者之間溝通互動,更是啟發外語學習者習得標的語關鍵之鑰。3D多人互動虛擬環境因為能夠提供語言學習者一個的近乎真實並且不受時空限制的人際互動的環境,越來越多語言教學/學習相關的研究探討學習者在此虛擬環境中學習語言的情形以及對此學習環境的態度。然綜觀應用3D多人互動虛擬環境於語言學習/教學的相關研究,仍有不足之處與結論不一致的問題。本計畫以第二人生此3D多人互動虛擬環境為平台,設計以社會建構與輸出理論等第二語言習得理論為基礎,建構適合於3D多人互動虛擬環境進行的精緻化結構性輸入之互動華語學習教材與活動。此研究結果能提供華語學習/教學相關研究教材與學習活動設計之參考,且有助於業界研發優質數位華語學習教材,及有效推廣華語學研究之成果。
Social interaction in authentic contexts is an important and effective strategy for foreign language learners to acquire the target language. In particular, effective communication and interaction with native speakers or proficient foreign language learners are the keys to acquire the target language for a language learner. Because the 3-D multiuser virtual environment (3-D MUVE) provides language learners a near–real environment that is not constrained by time and space, where people can interact with each other, more and more related language teaching/learning researchers investigate learners’ conditions and attitudes toward this learning environment. However, there are still some argumentations and deficiencies on making a comprehensive 3D MUVE application in language learning/ teaching. This project applied Second Life, an interactive multiuser interactive environment, as a platform to construct the refined structural input in Chinese teaching materials and activities. The result of this study could provide some related Chinese teaching/learning materials and activities as a reference, as well as help develop high-quality Chinese digital materials, and promote the research results of teaching Chinese as a second language in the research area.
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