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Title: 研究中日雙語者在閱讀時的詞彙觸接歷程
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學應用華語文學系
Issue Date: 31-Jul-2013
Publisher: 行政院國家科學委員會
Abstract: 在雙語的語言訊息處理理論中,有關跨語言詞彙觸接的研究相當受到重視。研究對象 主要以跨語言的形同意同詞(cognate)和形同意異詞(homograph)為主。前者是指在兩 種不同語言中字形與字意皆相符的字詞,例如「HOBBY」在英語/德語/荷蘭語中皆是「嗜 好」的意思。而後者是指在兩種不同語言中字形相同但是意義不同的字詞,例如「COIN」 在英文中指的是「硬幣」,但在法文則是指「角落」。研究顯示,由於形同意同詞在兩 個語言間,有相同的詞彙表徵激發,因此會產生詞彙辨識歷程中反應時間的促進效果, 而形同意異詞,則因為語言間不同語意表徵的激發,而呈現抑制效果。 不同於先前的研究,本研究從非拼音文字(中/日文)的角度出發,同時操弄語言 內和語言間的歧意性以及句子脈絡約束力,並以字彙判斷作業和眼動實驗來檢驗先前 研究提出的形同意同字促進效果、形同意異字抑制效果以及語言內和跨語言間歧意抑 制效果的普同性。
In the theories of bilingual language processing, many studies have been conducted to examine the processes of interlingual lexical access, which were particularly focused on studying the processing of cognate and homograph by the bilinguals. The former refers to the words that share the same orthography as well as meanings across two languages, whereas the latter refers to the words that only have the same orthography but differ in their meanings. For example, “HOBBY” is cognate in English, German, and Dutch, but “COIN” is a homograph in English and French because “coin” in English means “change” whereas it means “corner” in French. Researches in this regard have indicated that cognates have facilitating effects on word recognition due to the activation of identical orthographic and semantic representation between two languages, while homographs have inhibitory effects due to the activation of inconsistent orthographic and semantic representation across the languages. Different from previous studies that were mainly carried out for European languages, the current research focuses on investigating whether the effects mentioned above can be sustained with Chinese-Japanese and Japanese-Chinese bilinguals during reading (words or sentences). Moreover, not only the interlingual but also the intralingual lexical ambiguity and the degree of contextual constraint (high versus low) will be manipulated as factors in a series of experiments using lexical decision tasks and eye-tracking technology.
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