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Title: 探討語音激活在外語閱讀理解中的功能
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學應用華語文學系
Issue Date: 31-Jul-2012
Publisher: 行政院國家科學委員會
Abstract: 本研究將探討語音激活在外語閱讀理解中的功能。由於外語學習的歷程與母語的不同,本研究將探索 不同母語背景的人是否會因為母語習慣遷移或外文程度的影響,而採取不同的外語閱讀方式呢?例如: 是否母語為拼音文字的外國學生(如英語為母語的學生)會比較依賴語音激活來理解中文文意,而母 語為非拼音文字的外國學生(如日本學生)比較不需要?是否中文為母語的學生比較不需要依賴語音 激活來瞭解英文文意呢?是否外語程度的不同也會影響閱讀理解對語音激活依賴的程度? 本研究預計將進行一系列的實驗來探討下列議題:(1)研究不同外語程度(中級、高級)的中文 母語者閱讀在五種閱讀條件下閱讀外語(英語或日語)和中文的說明文體的短文時,閱讀理解表現和 眼動行為差異為何;(2)比較不同母語背景(英/日)、不同華語程度(中級、高級)的外國學生,在 五種閱讀條件下閱讀中文和其母語的說明文體短文時,閱讀理解表現和眼動行為差異為何。
The research aims to examining the function of phonological activation in foreign language reading. Several important issues will be investigated in this research project. First, due to the different acquisition processes between L1 and foreign language, it is interesting to find out whether learners speaking different L1 would adopt different strategies to read foreign language text, for example, whether English learners of Chinese would rely more on phonological activation to comprehend Chinese text, whereas Japanese learners would not; whether Chinese learners of English would rely less on phonological activation to comprehend English text; whether the proficiency level of foreign language would affect the importance of phonological activation in reading comprehension. A series of eye-movement experiments will be conducted to examine (1) the reading processes in which Chinese learners of foreign language (English vs. Japanese) with different proficiency level (medium vs. advanced) read short expository passages in foreign language and Chinese; (2) the reading processes in which English vs. Japanese learners of Chinese with different Chinese proficiency level (medium vs. advanced ) read short expository passages in Chinese and their L1. Five reading conditions will be administered in the experiments: articulatory suppression, reading aloud, hearing irrelevant speech, hearing the passage that is being read, and silent reading.
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