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Title: 檢視語音激活在漢語閱讀中所扮演的角色
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學應用華語文學系
Issue Date: 31-Jul-2010
Publisher: 行政院國家科學委員會
Abstract: 在本人先前一個有關科學學習的研究中發現,學習者學習以語音配合圖像的教材時,其 學習效率遠低於以文字配合圖像的教材。而將同樣的內容同時以文字和語音方式呈現並 未觀察到一般西方文獻中所謂的重複效應。針對本人的研究結果,有一些西方學者提出 疑問,是否本人觀察的結果不同,原因是使用的語言是漢語所致。他們質疑是否漢語閱 讀和英語閱讀不同,不需經過語音中介(phonological mediation)的歷程,所以導致 台灣的受試者經由文字學習會比經由語音學習來得更有效率,而且因此將同樣的內容同 時以文字和語音方式呈現不會干擾學習。為了釐清這些疑問,本人認為必須經過有系統 的實驗,才能一探這複雜的跨感官(視/聽)語言訊息處理歷程。 本研究的目的在於探討語音激活在漢語閱讀中所扮演的角色。為了檢視語音激活歷 程是否為閱讀理解的關鍵,本研究將進行三個實驗來測試受試者在不同的閱讀條件下 (語音抑制、聽不相干語音或聽相同語音、正常閱讀)的閱讀歷程與閱讀理解的狀況。 由於語音激活是相當快速的歷程,為了觀察實驗操弄下細微且即時性的閱讀歷程變化, 本研究將使用眼動儀來觀察受試者閱讀時的眼動行為,藉此將可探究一般使用閱讀測驗 或詞彙判斷任務無法觀察或反應出來的即時性、跨通道的語言訊息處理歷程。
The results of my previous research related to science education indicated that students learned with diagram accompanied by narration performed significantly worse than those who learned with diagram accompanied by text. Besides, presenting the same text both in visual and auditory format did not cause the redundancy effect. In terms of my findings, some researchers in theWestern countries asked whether the result patterns I got were due to the language difference. They assumed that the reading comprehension process in Chinese is different from that in English because Chinese is a logographic language, which might not need the phonological mediation process to access the meaning of words. Therefore, Taiwanese students learned more efficiently with text than with narration, and presenting the same text visually and auditorily did not interfere with learning. To clarify those questions, it is necessary to systematically carry out experiments to investigate the very complex cross-modal (audio-visual) information processing. The current research project aims to clarify whether phonological processing is indispensable for Chinese reading comprehension. Since reading comprehension can be affected by many factors simultaneously, three experiments will be conducted to examine this issue, with each experiment investigating different factors. Experiment 1 will explore how Taiwanese college students read short Chinese passages under four reading conditions: Condition 1: articulatory suppression, Condition 2: hearing irrelevant speech, Condition 3: hearing identical speech, and Condition 4: normal reading.While the students are reading the passages on computer, their eye movements will be recorded. In addition to manipulating the reading conditions, the experiment also examines the effects of word frequency as well as the contextual predictability on reading comprehension. Experiment 2 will employ an eye-movement contingent technique to replicate Experiment 1, which allows more specific observations on students’eye-movement behavior on the target words embedded in each short passage. Experiment 3 further examines the effect of students’familiarity with the content and terminology of domain-specific texts on reading comprehension. It is assumed that familiarity can facilitate reading comprehension, which might attenuate the necessity of phonological processing for Chinese silent reading.
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