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Title: 服務學習與數位製作混成教學法應用於國文教學之課程設計實例
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學應用華語文學系
Issue Date: 1-Jul-2011
Publisher: 臺北市:國立臺北商業技術學院
Abstract: 國文教學具有語文訓練、精神陶冶與文藝欣賞等任務,對於德、智、群、美育之教育深具作用,也是培養學生品德、品質、品味之「三品」教育,不可或缺之一環。媒體的使用,在科技發達、資訊猛進的現代社會中,有日趨科技化、數位化的現象,在教學媒體數位化趨勢中,除專家或教師精心製作之媒體外,在課程中,安排師生從事研究或討論,以撰寫相關報告,並製作教學媒體之教學方法,亦逐漸成型;且自 2005年開始,服務學習理論融入專業課程,文化資訊或知識服務崛起,於是促成「服務學習與數位製作混成教學法」產生,對於教學方法之革新,具有相當作用。 本研究以筆者於 97學年第二學期於國立台北商業技術學院所開設之國文課程為例,採用服務學習與數位製作混成教學法,在實際教學過程中,嘗試以文化資訊服務與數位製作教學融入國文教學專案中,將所選修 53名學生,分為 7組,進行此一混成式教學。研究目的,在於探討如何利用教學設計,將服務學習與數位製作教學應用於國文教學,以滿足具有網路原生代特徵之大專院校學生之學習需求。本文就服務學習與數位製作混成教學法之依據與形成、教學原則與方針、教學設計與活動、經驗分享與反思等面向探討。
The Chinese teaching gathers the functions of language ability training, spiritual refining, literature admiration, and so on. It is a pivotal education to relevant educations such as character, intellectual, collaborative and sense of beauty; and it is an indispensable part among “Three Educations”, that is – character, taste and quality. On the other hand, in our high-tech and information-explosion age the application of media shows the tendency of high-tech as well as digitalization. As to the digital trend of teaching material, except those designed and produced by experts or teachers, in practical course that arranges teacher and student to engage in research or discussion for writing relevant report, as well as developing teaching method for producing teaching media emerges. Since 2005, the service-learning theory integrated into professional program/course that stimulates the growth of culture information or knowledge service, therefore, it leads to the birth of “Mixed Teaching Method of Service Learning and Digital Production”, that it plays a key role in the innovation of teaching method until today. This research adopts Action Research Method, using the case of a Chinese course that taught by the author at the National Taipei College of Business during 2008. In this course I adopted mixed teaching method of service learning and digital production, during the practice process of teaching, I tried to integrate cultural information service and digital production teaching into this Chinese teaching specific case. And then I divided fifty three students (this course is a selective course) into seven groups to proceed the mixed teaching. The purpose of this essay is to explore how to use teaching design, to make cultural information service and digital production teaching be applied to Chinese course teaching, for satisfying the learning need of young generation of college student who is used to the internet world. The fields that will be explored by the essay includes the basis and formation of mixed teaching method of service learning and digital production, the principle and policy of teaching, teaching design & activities and the teaching experience & review.
ISSN: 1991-2587
Other Identifiers: ntnulib_tp_H0104_01_005
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