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Title: 任務型旅遊華語教材編寫設計分析--以臺師大應華系學生臺北縣、市旅遊景點教材編寫為例
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學應用華語文學系
Issue Date: 1-Oct-2010
Publisher: 中壢市:中原大學應用華語文學系
Abstract: 在外語教學中,教材佔有十分重要的地位。近幾年來,台灣的華語教學界對於華語文教材內容的結構性與功能性的要求已日漸嚴格,並以研發符合美國5C或歐盟CEFR標準的教材與世界接軌,另一方面,針對某種類型教學法所設計的功能性教材則較為少見。 旅遊華語屬於專業華語(CSP)的範疇之一,專業華語乃以特殊目的為學習動機之華語,是否適合設計功能性的教材值得研究。專業華語的教學目前在台灣仍在起步階段,旅遊華語教材的設計與研究者亦不多見,本文援引任務型語言教學法的基本理論,分析任務型教學法融入旅遊華語課程設計中的步驟與安排,包括:任務前階段(Pre-task)、任務階段(The task cycle)、任務後階段(Post-task)等,以實務教學心得作為未來編寫教材的參考。 本文主要紀錄筆者在台師大應華系所開設的「華語課程與教學設計」課堂中,指導學生編寫九課任務型旅遊華語教材,與多媒體教師手冊的過程及研究心得。整體而言,本文將分析兩岸旅遊華語教材之發展概況、任務型旅遊華語教材設計之內容,以及任務型旅遊華語教材編寫動程中待克服之難點。
In the field of foreign language teaching, the material always plays a crucial role. In most recent years, the Chinese-teaching community in Taiwan has put more strict demand on structure and function of the contents of Chinese teaching material, meanwhile through R&D that fulfills the standard of the U.S.5C and E.U. CEFR would connect international community. On the other hand, it is still rare to find one functional teaching material that aims at certain type of teaching method. Travel Chinese is a branch of Chinese for Specific Purpose (CSP), CSP is defined as someone is motivated to learn Chinese language for a specific purpose. It is worthy to study whether CSP is suitable for developing functional teaching material. The development of teaching CSP in Taiwan still stays in initial stage, nor do many designers and researchers of travel Chinese teaching material exist. This article would quote basic theories of task-based language teaching method, to analyze the steps and arrangement regarding how to put task-based language teaching method into the curriculum design of travel Chinese, including Pre-task, the Task cycle, Post-task, etc., and use the lessons learned from practical teaching as the reference source for compiling future teaching material. This article is mainly extracted from the contents of the course "Chinese Language Curriculum and Instructional Design" that is opened by the author in the Department of Applied Chinese Language and Literature, National Taiwan Normal University. In this said course the author has instructed students how to compile nine lessons task-based travel Chinese teaching material, and the process and experience accumulated from compiling related Multimedia Teacher's Handbook. To sum up, this article will focus on analyzing the development situation of Taiwan and China on travel Chinese teaching material, the designed contents of task-based travel Chinese teaching material, and the hot difficulties that met in the process of compiling task-based travel Chinese teaching material.
ISSN: 2070-1977
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